Google has announced a new feature for its online learning platform that will provide students with a more personal learning experience through interactive lessons and real-time feedback.

With practice sets in Google Classroom, educators will be able to transform their teaching content into interactive assignments while an autograding tool will help them save time so that they can focus on the needs of their students instead of being bogged down with paperwork. At the same time, practice sets can help teachers figure out which concepts require more instruction time and determine what students need extra support.

As students complete practice sets, they get real-time feedback so that they can know whether or not they're on the right track. For instance, if a student is struggling to solve a problem, they can get hints through both visual explainers and videos. Then when they get the answer correct, practice sets uses fun animations and confetti to celebrate their success.

According to a new blog post, Google is currently in the process of testing out practice sets with some schools ahead of the feature's beta launch in the coming months. Once practice sets become available in Google Classroom, any educator with the Teaching and Learning Upgrade or educational institution using Google Workspace for Education Plus will be able to test them out.

Adaptive learning technology

The concept of adaptive learning has been around for decades and refers to a type of learning where students receive customized resources and activities to address their unique learning needs.

Now though, thanks to recent AI advances in language models and video understanding, Google is working to incorporate adaptive learning technology into Google Classroom through practice sets. Adaptive learning technology also saves teachers time and provides data to help them understand the learning processes and patterns of their students. 

In a separate blog post, Google explained that a teacher testing out practice sets likened the new feature to having a teaching assistant in the classroom at all times. This is because the technology provides students with one-on-one attention and validation so that they know right away whether or not they got a problem correct. Practice sets also helped drive both student motivation and engagement.

Now that Google is adding AI capabilities to Google Classroom, expect the search giant to add even more automation to its online learning platform going forward.

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