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Data breaches on gaming sites are becoming more common

With a number of gaming sites falling victim to data breaches in July of this year, CS Hub looks at why these sites are often targets for hackers Articles RSS Feed

Microsoft Teams will finally be a lot easier to use on iPad and iPhone

Apple users are set to get a welcome productivity boost when it comes to using Microsoft Teams on their mobile or tablet device. The video conferencing platform has revealed it is working on bringing Picture in Picture mode to iPhone …

The main challenges facing CISOs

How CISOs can help their organizations avoid cyber risks by choosing the right tools and ensuring they have compiled a rigorous risk register Articles RSS Feed

Two thirds of companies spending more on cyber security in 2022

63 percent of those surveyed by CS Hub have said that their company has spent more on cyber security in 2022 than in 2021 Articles RSS Feed

Instagram will finally help creators understand why they’re failing

Instagram is updating its Account Status feature to better inform business and creator accounts why some of their posts get suppressed as it aims for more transparency with users. These accounts will now know which of their posts is “eligible …

The global state of the cyber security industry 2022

This exclusive report aims to keep cyber security professionals abreast of today’s threats and highlight the areas in which CISOs are allocating security budgets to mitigate the risks facing their org… Articles RSS Feed

Over two fifths of security professionals are investing in endpoint security

Cyber Security Hub research finds that 63 percent of cyber security professionals said that their company believes endpoint security is an investment priority Articles RSS Feed

Chats in Google Messages are about to get even more secure

Google has announced that it's bringing end-to-end encryption to group chats in the Google Messages app. The security upgrade is heading to beta users first before being rolled out more widely. End-to-end encryption means no one, not even Google, can …

Revising your backup strategy in 2023

The data backup strategies that prevent loss and protect suspension of company activities Articles RSS Feed

Tentacles of ‘0ktapus’ Threat Group Victimize 130 Firms

Over 130 companies tangled in sprawling phishing campaign that spoofed a multi-factor authentication system. Threatpost