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Microsoft Office 365 is getting a handy upgrade that will streamline your workflow

Keeping track of comments, mentions and edits on shared files will soon be a lot easier for Microsoft Office 365 users. TechRadar – All the latest technology news

Cyber Hygiene, Cyber Humans & Cyber Automation

There were three prevalent themes- hygiene, humans and automation. On hygiene- time and time again, presenters suggested that it doesn’t matter what you do, it doesn’t matter what you implement and it… Articles RSS Feed

This unloved Microsoft Teams feature is getting an upgrade

Microsoft has announced that 35 new features are coming to Teams to make remote learning easier for both teachers and students. TechRadar – All the latest technology news

IOTW: DC Police Department Hit with Ransomware; Hackers "Quit"

Incident is reflective of an evolution of ransomware attacks, from encrypting files and demanding ransom money for a decryption key to encrypting the file and threatening to publish the information if… Articles RSS Feed

No, your Microsoft Teams free account isn’t about to be deleted

Microsoft Teams admins raised alarm following email from the company warning of shutdown. TechRadar – All the latest technology news

Microsoft Edge for Linux gets an official beta release

Edge for Linux moves closer to a stable release, though there’s no official release date yet. TechRadar РAll the latest technology news

U.S. Data Privacy Legislation: Proposed & Pending Regulations

In a quest to provide a global overview of cyber-related legislation and regulation we have focused on Regulation through Global Data Protection and Security Laws, and APAC Data Protection and Securit… Articles RSS Feed

Squarespace looks set for a bumper listing

Squarespace has registered millions of new shares ahead of its upcoming direct listing in New York. TechRadar – All the latest technology news

Incident Detection and Response Basics Greatly Matter

Cyber security professionals know there are two types of organizations: those that have been breached and those that will be breached. The question isn’t whether organizations will be attacked. The qu… Articles RSS Feed

Google Chrome update is making your browser more flexible than ever

Chrome wants web apps to be able to handle files on your computer just as native apps. TechRadar – All the latest technology news