If you’re selling a product or products and you’re not listing them on Amazon…well, our first question is why not? Then our second question is why wouldn’t you want access to a group of people who are already looking to purchase a product? Selling on Amazon provides a level of product authority and trust that selling on your website doesn’t immediately afford you. In addition, it expands your demographics by a large percentage.

But, we get it. Amazon can seem a little overwhelming. You have to put in the legwork to research their terms of service, their sales platform, the way their advertising plans work, as well as who you are competing with for the top search results. When it’s all said and done, it might be in your best interest to contact an Amazon marketing agency to handle all of this for you.

In order to get the most views on your Amazon products and the highest conversion rate, which will drive additional traffic to your online store, you need a high BSR (Best Seller Rank) which will keep your product high in search results. We will utilize similar marketing strategies to increase your Amazon rank, but this will be based on Amazon’s algorithm instead of Google’s.

By setting up an Amazon store, you can list multiple products and increase the popularity of your company’s brand by appealing to customers and instilling trust in them. Shapiro Consultants has over a decade of experience in Amazon marketing services, and we are confident that we can help your products appear on page one of your relevant search terms and increase your BSR dramatically as sales consistently come in.

As an Amazon marketing agency in New York, we will spend some time getting to know your company and goals, then review your online presence to give us a better idea of how you’d like to showcase your products on your Amazon store. Once we get a feel for how you’d like your brand to be portrayed, we will get to work setting up your Amazon account, going the extra mile to pick the best categories and keywords for your product and ensuring that your product name is eye catching and tempting enough for online browsers to click and view.

But we won’t stop there. Our Amazon marketing services account management includes consistent reviews and analysis to make sure that you continue to rank highly and bring in the traffic that you need to make sales. If one strategy doesn’t seem to be working for your products, then we’ll switch it up and try something new until you begin to rank and see your conversions increase.

If you’re looking for an Amazon marketing service in the USA, then we strongly encourage you to give us a call. We can review what your current needs are and develop a plan and strategy specifically for you and your products. It’s in this manner that we’re able to guarantee success and an increase in sales for you.

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