Some people just prefer to do business locally. This seems to be a growing trend in the market. Buy local. Source local. Shop local. Support local! But how can you ensure that online visitors in your area know that you’re a local business? And how can you attract people who are looking for local businesses to your website? Haven’t you already had someone go over your website for SEO purposes? Is that different than local SEO? It just so happens that there is a specific digital strategy specifically designed to do just this!

While you may have a great looking website that is showing up fairly highly on search results, you might not be fairing very well when it comes to local search traffic. But how do you know what is necessary to take advantage of local SEO options? And how do you even assess how your company rates when it comes to local search engine optimization?

Local SEO, while utilizing some of the same techniques as general SEO, requires a very different skill set. You will quickly jump ahead of the curve if you utilize a local SEO company in New York to help you with your local SEO services in New York. They go hand in hand. By going this route, you won’t have any trouble catching up and then surpassing your competitors who may or may not already be focused on ranking well locally.

Shapiro Consultants has provided local SEO in New York for over a decade. We know the area trends and the best techniques for ranking in a variety of industries. We will select the property category for your company, ensure use of high ranking and relevant keywords, optimize images on your website, and ensure that your company’s name, contact information, and hours are all correct on your website and across your social media channels. All of this combined will work to improve your visibility as a local business across all search engines.

We handle all the research and stay up to date with the latest in SEO practices, rules and regulations from the search engines, and all related trends so that you can stay focused on growing your company. We will help your local SEO grow by adjusting it based on all of our research, the feedback we receive via your website analytics, and how quickly you move up the web search ranks.

There are quite a few companies who offer search engine optimization for local businesses. But turning to one who knows your area inside and out is going to give you a strong advantage in your industry. Give us a call today to find out what local search engine optimization services are right for you and your company. We’ll go over all your options, analyze your current rank and online standing, and then put together a strategy specifically designed for you and your company. One that is designed to boost your local visibility, draw in local traffic, and convert those visitors into customers or patrons!

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