If you’ve ever bought a product on Amazon (and who hasn’t these days?), you may have found yourself wondering exactly how they decide which products to show you first and which products to move to page two, three, four, and beyond. And, are there products that you never see due to their how far down on the list they are?

Just like Google, Bing, etc, Amazon has its very own search engine that utilizes specific algorithms to determine what products rank higher than others and what products to show you based upon your search term (or your recent browser history). While this may not seem that big of a deal if you’re merely shopping on Amazon, once you decide to sell a product or multiple products on Amazon, this suddenly becomes very very important. And it’s one of the reasons that you should consult with an Amazon advertising agency prior to setting up your online Amazon store.

There is so much behind the scenes work that goes into securing your BSR (Best Seller Rank) on Amazon, that trying to manage it yourself can literally wear you out and keep you from focusing on the more important aspects of your business. Utilizing an Amazon advertising service can keep you ahead of the curve and ensure that you stay ahead of your competition and that your products are continually staying on page one of relevant search terms.

At Shapiro Consultants, we offer a variety of methods and techniques for helping you rank on Amazon and gain the largest volume of traffic possible. After reviewing your products and doing some detailed keyword research, we will construct the best possible listings for your products including high-quality product photos, enticing product names and descriptions, and relevant information on your listing, capitalizing on every single word.

From there we will put together a strategy for Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) services and Amazon marketing services that will quickly move your products up the rank and closer to page one. Your ranking on Amazon is equally as important as your ranking on Google or any other search engine. If you’re not on page one, you might as well not be showing up at all. That is why leaving it in the hands of a capable Amazon advertising management service (especially one with over a decade of experience in the field) can save you a lot of hassle and headache.

If you find yourself looking for an Amazon PPC Management agency in New York, we would love to discuss your current business needs and develop a strategy personally designed for you and your company goals. We’ve spent the past ten years researching and experimenting with a variety of techniques and have put together an extremely effective series of strategies that are specifically designed to attract Amazon browsers, hold their attention, and even if they leave to check out other products, ensure that they end up coming back to your product to make their purchase.

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