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Did you know that your competitors are on the cutting edge of technology? In order to compete, you’ll have to be too!

But your company may not have anything to do with technology, so how are you supposed to stay on top of the latest and greatest developments? And how are you supposed to know if they even apply to or would benefit your company?

The good news is that there’s no need to stress. As a web design and development company here in New York, we keep our finger on the pulse of the technology industry, and we only recommend the tools and trends that are going to be the most beneficial to your company.

In order to ensure you the best web development in NY, the first place we’ll start is to review your website in great detail to determine in what ways we can improve your customer’s online experience.

Don’t have a website? That’s okay too! We love nothing more than a blank slate and have a team of website developments standing by, eager to assist.

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  • E-Commerce Website Development –

    Whether you need a complete website design or redesign or we just need to touch up and enhance the website that you’ve already been running for a while, we can enhance your company’s exposure which will ensure that you rank highly in online searches. We’re talking about much more than a beautiful website. Your website should inspire your viewers to take action, whether that’s to make a purchase or to reach out to you about your services.

    We are skilled at creating easy to understand and compelling information with a strong push towards purchasing. Your website should have high functionality, have a fast loading speed, be easily navigated, and be mobile friendly.

    We will also utilize high converting ecommerce features, business process and admin features, filtering & reporting tools, and the ability to push out promotions, discounts, and newsletters (just to name a few). This is how we’re able to offer some of the best web development services in New York.

    No matter what kind of functionality you’d like your website to offer, we can develop it and make it aesthetically pleasing. And you can’t say that about just any New York web design company.

  • WordPress Development –

    Many web development agencies in the USA have a preferred hosting platform. Here at Shapiro Consultants, we prefer WordPress.

    By utilizing WordPress, we work directly with you to create your ideal website that will give visitors a clear understanding of your brand and its personality. This website will be easy for you to update and maintain as your business grows.

    We love WordPress for a lot of reasons, including:
    1) It’s easy and straightforward to use allowing for management on a daily basis and freedom to focus on content rather than site building
    2) Each page is customized to fit your brand
    3) Each page has its own tags, allowing for easy indexing by search indexes
    4) It’s ease of creation and content sharing along with its discussion platform aids in growing your brand awareness
    5) WordPress is already optimized to be a mobile-friendly website

  • Page Speed Optimization –

    There is nothing worse than a website that takes forever to load. Visitors will often leave your website before they’ve even had a chance to see it, and this results in poor placement from search engines like Google and Bing. When we do our initial review of your website, we’ll review all of these bases to ensure a more efficient website. As a New York web agency, we can provide all of this and more. All you have to do is contact us.


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