In a perfect and fair world, you would have 100% positive and glowing reviews about your products and/or services. “Excellent service!” “Would work with again!” “Better than I could have anticipated!” Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world. Sometimes things are out of our control. Sometimes products fail to meet expectations. Sometimes people are highly critical or predisposed to leaving negative comments.

Or maybe you’ve developed a public persona that you use to help promote your website, products, or services. Maybe maintaining that has become overwhelming and you’re not sure the best way to keep your reputation positive amidst all the competition and online trolls. If this is your situation, you might like some help managing how your persona comes across online – something along the lines of celebrity reputation management.

When you have an online presence (or even if you don’t), suddenly these negative reviews are available for the world to read! A quick Google search will yield the most optimized search results. If your negative reviewers are doing more to optimize their content, your company, brand, or persona may be painted in an overly negative light! So how do you handle your online reputation management in this day and age? How do you draw attention to your hundreds of positive reviews instead of your handful of negative ones?

This is where a reputation management agency can truly shine! We can help research and analyze your online appearance, noting where there are negative reviews. Then we’ll develop a personal strategy for you and/or your company to help reduce the amount of traffic that any negative reviews or comments receive, insteading drawing online traffic towards the positive persona that we’ll help you create. We call this our search engine reputation management services, or SERM services and it’s why we stand out as one of the most trusted New York reputation management agencies.

We can help promote positivity around your company or brand, which in turn will reduce the visibility of the negative reviews available. In some cases, we may be able to make arrangements to get negative reviews removed completely by helping you work through any unresolved misunderstandings with customers or other online reviewers. In addition, we can help you make any necessary changes moving forward to help encourage new positive reviews from people who have purchased your products or utilized your services. All of this together will help improve your overall online reputation.

If you’ve recently done an online search and discovered negative reviews regarding your company, or you’re unsure what information regarding your company or brand is available online, please give us a call. Our reputation management services can be adjusted to fit your needs, regardless of the size of your company, the amount of negative reviews you have, or how long you’ve been in business. We’ll be happy to give you an overall analysis of your current position and then determine if ORM marketing in New York is the best for you and your brand.

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