How long are you willing to wait around for a website that doesn’t seem to want to load properly?

In general, we tend to give it a few seconds before we’re checking our internet connection, pressing the refresh button, or giving up and moving on to something else. Guess what, your potential customers feel the exact same way and we don’t blame them!

If your website takes forever to load (or even more than just a few seconds), whether it’s due to poor design or development, large image files, or a weak hosting platform, there’s a good chance that your visitors aren’t going to give you a second chance.

What if, worst case scenario, the images of your products don’t load properly and they’re unable to even view what you have to offer them? They will shrug their shoulders and move on to the next company on their mental list. They want web pages to load fast so they can quickly browse your website. If they don’t, they’ll move on to the next website that offers the product or service they’re looking for and they won’t give you a second thought.

While your website speed optimization isn’t the biggest hurdle you’re going to face during our process of building up your brand and increasing your online traffic, it is one that can make or break your website. That’s why it’s one of the first things we take into consideration when we perform our initial audit of your website. If your images aren’t optimized, if there’s clunky coding, or if you’re utilizing an overworked hosting platform with uncommonly high lag time, you’re missing out on a good percentage of conversions that your site could be making.

Part of our page speed optimization service is to streamline your website, checking image sizes, ensuring that it was designed properly, and that all the code and content has been uploaded correctly. This does take a bit of time on our end, but it’s vitally important to moving forward with you as our client. We need to know whether your website is salvageable or if you need a full revamp that is better suited to handle your business needs. (Have we mentioned how much we love WordPress?)

Once you have the solid foundation via your website, the rest of the process will flow so much more smoothly and seamlessly. Not only will your customers have better user experience, but you’ll have an easier time making adjustments to the content on your website.

A good website speed optimization service provider will not only check for any glitches on the back end of your website, but also take this into consideration as we move forward. Any new content or images that we upload will be optimized from the start, ensuring that your site continually runs smoothly for your new increase in traffic. Just like a negative experience will lead to non returning traffic, a positive experience will lead to conversions, which will lead to an increase in traffic, and an increase in your loyal customer base. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

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