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When the term “Digital Marketing” gets brought up by an agency, they’re referring to a series of techniques and trends that have been used to increase online exposure, leads, and eventually sales. While each digital marketing company in the USA might have a slightly different strategy for helping you achieve this, our team here at Shapiro Consultants will take the time to get to know you and your company’s goals so that we can create a unique digital marketing strategy for you that will help you rise above your online competition. This has led to us becoming one of the most trusted digital marketing agencies in New York.

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The truth of the matter is that if your website doesn’t appear on the first page of an online search, you might as well not show up in the search at all. Your website and its content needs to be front and center on all related search results for you to see a steady flow of traffic to your site.

We have spent the past decade researching and experimenting with all of the trends and techniques generally used by digital marketing companies in New York, and it’s this experience that allows us to put together the right digital marketing strategy for you.

We’ve listed a few of our techniques and methods below, but it’s by no means a comprehensive list. To find out what will best help your company reach its online goals, give us a call today.

  • Local SEO Services –

    We will utilize a variety of tried and tested techniques to improve your visibility as a local business. These include, but are not limited to: carefully selecting the proper online categories for your business, inserting appropriate keywords within your online content, and ensuring that your business name, contact information, and business hours (etc) are accurate and consistent across all your online platforms.

  • On-Page SEO –

    This is a very important category that should never be overlooked by a search engine optimization agency. This is the technical side of SEO that serves as the foundation for your entire campaign. We will work with you to ensure that your website follows the latest best practices when it comes to structuring and laying out your website.


    The majority of your customers are going to come from local Google searches, so what they find online when they read about you is crucial in converting them to a customer. Negative online reviews can devastate your brand and cause your website to lose its high ranking. As your SEO company in New York, we will work to eliminate these reviews while simultaneously creating engaging content to encourage/promote customer trust and boost your company’s image.


    Proper use and management of social media will allow your web traffic to increase substantially. Through social media, we can grow your business, improve customer relations, and ensure brand growth. Allowing your social media to be mismanaged can result in the total downfall of your company as negative interactions with customers tend to go viral quickly. By allowing us to manage your social media accounts, we can quickly neutralize any negative interactions and ensure that your brand image remains positive and intact.


    Many New York local SEO companies have given up on utilizing phone calls as a marketing tactic, but here at Shapiro Consultants, we believe that phone calls are one of the best streams of revenue out there. Almost nothing is as effective at building trust as a one on one call with an actual person. These Pay-Per-Call ads bring in high converting leads as anyone making a call is already interested in the service your company provides.


    This type of marketing, also known as Enterprise Marketing, is altered to meet the needs of larger businesses and is incredibly influential in portraying information to customers. This is a potent way to publicize your business by allowing customers to become familiar with your products and/or services. We guarantee that you’ll see results almost immediately.


    As one of the best SEO agencies in New York, we know that this is where the majority of your phone calls and walk in business will come from. This trend isn’t predicted to change anytime soon. Taking advantage of mapping your company’s infrastructure using keywords and marketing will ensure that your business is accurately displayed in search results near you. Our goal with this strategy is to rank you as the best provider of your product/service in your area.

  • Organic Search And Link Building –

    There are so many ways to organically grow links for your business. While this is often ignored as an option by many SEO services in New York, we feel that it’s an important component to your brand’s growth. These include links that are put on your website with no direct intention of influencing your rankings on search engines and are arguably more valuable (albeit slower to grow your brand) than links with specific intentions. You’re not attempting to buy customers, but are instead building visitors’ trust and encouraging them to become customers.


    By carefully designing online advertising campaigns around specific and relevant keywords, our PPC specialist will find the most efficient way to increase your click-through rate and conversions. We will take our time to learn about your advertising goals, research the best keywords for you, and then will create straightforward targeted ads, making modifications and adjustments as needed.

  • PPC Landing Pages –

    This will be separate from your business website. When you’re looking to achieve a specific goal with an online pay-per-click campaign, we often recommend utilizing a landing page. This allows you to funnel anyone who clicks on your ad through a series of sales content with a strong call to action, encouraging them to purchase your product. Once the landing page is designed, we will create ads based on high performing keywords to drive traffic to that landing page.


    Emails are one of the fastest and easiest ways to grow your business. It also tends to be highly profitable as it offers the potential for outstanding returns, averaging more than 10x the investment cost! We work to increase positive responses to emails and, through consistent monitoring, are able to stop problematic reactions before they start.

  • Lead Nurturing –

    Research shows that businesses who nurture leads have an average of a 20% increase in sales opportunities. In turn, those increased sales opportunities offer a 50% chance of converting at a reduced cost of 33%. We’ll work with you to target relevant content to buyers through social media channels, addressing commonly asked questions and concerns on your web content.

  • Amazon Advertising –

    Amazon has its own search engine and algorithm that sifts through all products and sellers and then determines in which order they are presented to online shoppers. We will adjust your keywords, title, and product images to ensure that your listings are engaging enough to catch the eye of potential buyers. Our listings encourage shoppers to buy from you, ensuring that your business grows and flourishes.


    This strategy covers graphic design, videography, content creation, web outreach, and social media. We’ll research relevant keywords, competitor information, and market predictions in order to create a strategy that is guaranteed to produce an increase in conversions. Using blogs, infographics, and curated content, we will provide a continuous and consistent stream of high quality and engaging content.


    Social media holds a huge influence over the public. It provides worldwide communication, which allows you to reach a broader audience. Social media users are continuously sharing products, promoting favorite products, and searching for commonly used products. Your business should build a relationship with some of the highest influencers of the industry so that they can help sway their audience towards your products/services. They can help increase your brand’s awareness and trustworthiness which will generate more leads and sales. We will handle finding these individuals and making connections for you so that you can keep growing your business.


    Our conversion rate optimization strategy is specifically designed to allow your business to grow. Through copywriting, web design, and improved user experience, we allow you to generate profit through leads. We will consistently review visitor demographics and your overall web performance to improve our methods as we allow your business to grow.

We could go on and on. There are so many strategies and techniques for increasing your online presence, bringing in new leads, and drawing a higher conversion rate. But not all of these strategies and techniques might be right for you. If you’re looking for digital marketing in NY, then it’s important to contact a trusted and experienced New York digital marketing company to help put together a specific strategy that is based on your company and its very unique goals. While there are many digital marketing agencies in the USA, finding one that will take the time to truly get to know you and your business goals is what will help to grow your business.