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Computer issues can ruin your day in a split second – especially if you don’t have that massive project that you’ve been working on backed up. Losing everything and having to start over from scratch can be a devastating thought. But before you panic, try reaching out to a computer repair service to see if your computer (or at least the data contained on it) is salvageable.

If you’ve suddenly found yourself with a computer or laptop that won’t boot up, a cracked laptop screen, a notification that your computer has a virus, or are having trouble with software updates, then turning to some outside help could save you a lot of time, headaches, and unnecessary stress. It could also save you the trouble of having to purchase a brand new computer or prevent you from losing all your data, which is completely irreplaceable and can cause a whole host of additional problems and stress.

Shapiro Consultants has been managing computer repair services in New York for over a decade and it’s this experience that has allowed us to make connections and build relationships with a variety of manufacturers. This, in turn, allows us to provide you with great pricing and warranties that will help speed up the process of getting your computer back up and running or helping you access data you might otherwise have lost, all for a cost that is much more affordable than purchasing a brand new computer and trying to replace all your lost data and documents.

Our expertise covers all aspects of computer repair and maintenance. So no matter what issue you’ve found yourself facing, we can restore your computer, provide you with a back up, explain what caused the issue, and give you advice on how to protect your computer in the future. There’s no need to panic and there’s no need to stress. We’ve got a solution to your computer repair needs, including, but not limited to: computer repair, laptop repair, software updates, laptop screen repair, virus removal, data recovery, networking, VPN, and more!

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is what has led us to become one of the most trusted companies for computer repair in New York. We want to exceed your expectations and leave you feeling stress free and ready to tackle the next big project that comes your way. Sometimes just knowing that someone has your back when it comes to your computer technical problems is enough to prevent panic. And we definitely don’t want you to panic!

So no matter whether you were half way done or all the way with that huge report that’s due next week, let us try to salvage it for you and save you the heartache of starting over from the beginning. No one should have to go through all that hard work for a second time. We can relieve your stress and provide solutions to whatever problem your computer or laptop is giving you. Please, give us a call today to receive a quote and schedule our computer repairing services.

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