Shopify has announced its entry into the link in bio space: the popular set of services that make up for missing features on Twitter, Instagram, and other services.

The company's new Linkpop tool offers many of the tools you'd expect: multiple links to popular services in a simple and clean UI. 

“When you’re only sharing one link at a time with your audience, they’re missing out on all that and will have difficulty following you across all the platforms you operate on,” Shopify says. “That’s the beauty of a link in bio page. It’s a place where your audience and customers can find you, every place you are.”

Shopify integration

The obvious benefit of using Shopify's own tools is that they integrate deeply into the company's other ecommerce offerings, which have become incredibly popular over the pandemic. 

If you're selling on Shopify, your products are easily imported over to your Linkpop page. Set up is super simple and the service is free, albeit with more limited features than some paid plans that integrate into the broader suite. 

While Shopify's star has waned somewhat from its high, millions of people still use its tools to sell all kinds of products. Being the anti-Amazon is still a big market, after all, and there are few tools that make selling as easy. 

A vital service

If you use social media, you've almost certainly come across such a service, which essentially compensate for only being able to add one link to most profiles.

Linktree is probably the most popular example and the company recent raised a staggering $ 110 million at a $ 1.1 billion valuation, signalling how popular the space has become.

It remains somewhat strange that Twitter and Instagram haven't built similar features, allowing an entirely new space to flourish. Native versions of link in bio tools would have obvious advantages over third-party tools, but for some reason these have never materialised. 

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