The Windows 11 emulator for Mac, VMware Fusion Pro 13, is now free for personal use, as the software developer has waived the previous $ 199 fee. 

Announced in a blog post, VMware Fusion Pro 13 creates a virtual Windows machine for macOS devices, allowing you to run Windows apps on the likes of MacBooks and iMacs powered by Apple's M-class silicon.

Without question, it's among the best virtual machine software available but its price tag was previously alienating to casual consumers. Professional usage, however, will still require a license, but if you want to boot it up and play around with the software, you can do so without spending a cent, which is exciting. 

Keep in mind that running VMware Fusion Pro 13 on Apple's own silicon such as the M2 and M3 chip, means you'll be restricted to the performance of the SoC. While the current slew of Apple laptops and computers are powerful, with respectable integrated graphics, they can't quite hold a candle to what the best graphics cards can do. 

To use VMware Fusion Pro 13 you will need an account which can be created through the Broadcom support website, and then you'll be able to download the software. It's bittersweet news when considering that the company's Fusion Player is being discontinued, but you're getting a big upgrade. 

Unlike the Fusion Player, you'll be able to run multiple virtual machines with Fusion Pro 13, meaning you can essentially have your own virtual network localized on one device. That's exciting news for building and launching servers, or for cloud computing, among other uses. 

VMware Fusion Pro 13

(Image credit: VMware)

An excellent pro-consumer move

VMware's decision to make its Fusion Pro 13 software free is an excellent move on the company's part to gain visibility for the application. While there's no faulting the performance capabilities, asking $ 200 at the gate seriously limited the overall install base. Now people who were using Fusion Player can get the full-fat user experience at no charge. 

We've had excellent things to say about the VMware Workstation Player over the years and consider it to be the best virtual machine on the market. Now with Fusion 13 Pro being free, it gives the likes of VirtualBox (also free) and Parallels Desktop a run for their money – especially as you also aren't spending any. 

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