Continuing a yearly tradition, Apple has revealed this year’s Pride Collection celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. The 2024 set consists of two new wallpapers for iPhones and iPads plus a new watch face and wristband for the Apple Watch.

Launching first on May 22 is the band which is called the Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop. Apple states the color scheme was inspired by multiple pride flags. The pink, light blue, and white threads are meant to “represent transgender and nonbinary” people, while “black and brown symbolize Black, Hispanic, and Latin communities” plus groups who have been hurt by HIV/AIDS. Laser-etched on the lug are the words “PRIDE 2024”. 

The Pride Braided Loop will be available in both 41mm and 45mm for $ 99. It’ll fit on the Apple Watch SE as well as the “Apple Watch Series 4 or later” models. You can purchase it in the US on the 22nd at a physical Apple Store or on the company’s website. Other global regions can buy the band on the following day. No word on how much it’ll cost outside the United States, although we did ask.

Dyanmic wallpaper

The wallpaper coming to Apple hardware is known as Pride Radiance. What’s different about it is it’s not a static image, but rather dynamic. On the Apple Watch, the streams of light actively trace the numbers of the digital clock. They even react in real-time to the wearable moving around. 9To5Mac claims in its coverage users can customize the look of the wallpaper by choosing “from several style palettes.” 

On iPhones and iPads, Pride Radiance is also dynamic, but it doesn’t trace the clock. Instead, the light spells out the word “pride” on the screen. Those interested can download the wallpaper through the Apple Watch and Apple Store app “soon”. An exact date wasn’t given. However, the company did confirm it’ll roll out with iOS 17.5, iPadOS 17.5, and watchOS 10.5.

This is noteworthy because, up until this recent post, the company had yet to announce when the next big software update would arrive for its devices. iOS 17.5 in particular is slated to introduce several interesting features such as the ability to download apps from developer websites instead of the Apple Store. We did see clues last week that the company is working on implementing Repair State. This places iPhones “in a special hibernation mode” whenever people take the device in for repairs.

Given the fact Repair State appears to still be in the early stages, we most likely won’t see it on iOS 17.5 a few weeks from now; although it may roll out on iOS 18.

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