It's the start of a new week and how better to get a handle on it than slipping into the old familiar waters of Wordle? After last week's maelstrom of challenging solutions, Wordle #275 feels surprisingly straightforward – almost kind in comparison.

Though, should we trust this someone softer Wordle solution, or is it just the New York Times lulling us into a false sense of security? Time will tell.

Don't be hard on yourself if today's puzzle has left you stumped so far, it's a Monday, after all. Not only that, but after the challenges of MOVIE and CATER it's no wonder you might be suspicious of this solution.

Read on for some full hints and insight to tackle puzzle #275. 

Wordle March 21 hint

First up, the riddle:

Saying it aloud will add confusion,

Homonyms are key to this solution.

Not good enough? How about these then?

  1. There are multiple vowels today
  2. It’s a very common word

Today’s Wordle answer #275

If you went vowel heavy with your starting word then you'll likely have picked up quite a few letters, though they may have needed a shuffle around. Hopefully your streak wasn't endangered but, don't worry, if you're down to the wire – don't through your phone to ground, sweep your laptop off the table, or snap your Nintendo DS loaded up with a homebrew browser in half: the Wordle answer for today is THEIR.

Wordle answer #275

(Image credit: New York Times)

Today’s Wordle alternative

While you might have completed the original Wordle, the Wordle Classic, full fat Wordle, that doesn't mean your Wordling day has to be done. No, there are plenty of Wordle alternatives out there.

If you need another dose of Wordle in your life read on…

Wordle Unlimited

TechRadar winning a Wordle Unlimited game

(Image credit: Wordle Unlimited)

Beware, once you turn this tap, you'll never be able to stop the flow of Wordle. Wordle Unlimited is an unofficial spin-off of Wordle that has no limit to the number of times you can play in a day. Not only that, it has social features that let you craft Wordle puzzles for your friends. Here's how to use and play Wordle Unlimited.

The custom Wordle is the real highlight of the game, giving you a versatile tool for trolling your friends. Not that we'd encourage that sort of behavior…

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