Earlier this week, global ecommerce platform Shopify unveiled its latest update, designed to help merchants be more creative, improve in-store experiences, and support business expansion.

Called the Summer ‘24 Edition, this latest platform comes with a Shopify POS Terminal, Unified Analytics, Markets Solution, and AI Enhancements across the board.

As per a press release shared with TechRadar Pro recently, Shopify described the POS Terminal as a new payment hardware solution that enhances in-store shopping by offering features such as tap, chip & PIN, and swipe payments. The company promises simplified transactions with a customer display, digital receipts, and the ability to capture additional information at checkout. Finally, users can now combine discounts and create buy-x-get-y discounts to further personalize and streamline promotional activities. 

For Unified Analytics, Shopify said it revamped the tool to provide real-time, detailed insights. The new dashboard comes with pre-built reports, helping merchants get answers to all the biggest questions, such as sales comparisons or average order value changes. 

“Seamless integration”

Markets is a solution that was reimagined “from the ground up”, and now acts as a central command center within Shopify Admin. Merchants can thus manage cross-border, B2B, and physical retail selling, all from a single location.

Finally, when it comes to AI enhancements, Shopify said its Media Editor, Shopify Magic, and Suggested Replies, are all now powered by AI, helping merchants get their work done faster, and with more quality.  

“Merchants depend on Shopify to not just work, but to solve the pain points they didn’t know they had,” said Deann Evans, Managing Director, EMEA, at Shopify. “This can only happen when everything is seamlessly integrated and works together. Shopify brings every aspect of commerce under one roof. It’s more than simply centralizing and synchronizing our products. We’re consolidating infrastructures, reducing inefficiencies and welding features together so that merchants can focus on growing their business and connecting with shoppers in a way that only a truly unified commerce platform can deliver.”

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