Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar are finally going to play nice together

Google and Microsoft have come a step closer to becoming amicable with the announcement that their respective calendar apps will become a whole lot more interoperable in a bid to keep users organized whichever service they decide to use.

A support page details how “users in both systems share their availability status so everyone can view each others' schedules.”

Furthermore, changes are being rolled out to how invitations are managed between the two rival companies.

Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook interoperability

In its announcement, Google explains that “Calendar Interoperability is the critical component to help ensure events created in one calendar system are accurately propagated for guests using different calendar systems.”

Taking a move to recognize and support third-party services will inevitably work in favor of the company, with many individuals and businesses preferring to split their digital footprint between multiple companies, all of whom have their own merits and preferred use cases.

As part of the update, Outlook users who also have a Google Calendar with the same email address can receive Google Calendar invitations and RSVPs directly in Outlook without having to be in the Google ecosystem (which incidentally doesn’t have a dedicated desktop client). As standard, default reminders will also be created for Google Calendar invitations in Outlook.

On the flip side, non-Google Calendar recurring events are now hoped to be more “systematically and accurately” reflected in Google’s portal.

Unlike some changes, this is a Google-wide feature that applies to both business and individual customers, and is already available.

Having already announced other interoperability missions, like Meet and Zoom, it’s clear that Google is trying to broaden its appeal by more subtly integrating into third-party platforms, in turn giving customers a central ecosystem that they can work from with fewer limitations.

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How to watch One World: Together at Home – stream the concert live online right now

One World: Together at Home LIVE – This event is now underway and Jenifer Hudson has opened affairs with a breathtaking rendition of Hallelujah – a stunning cover of the classic Leonard Cohen song that's right up there with the seminal Jeff Buckley version.

This weekend's must-watch TV is as an absolute no-brainer as the music and cultural event of the century takes place tonight. Curated by Lady Gaga, it's the spiritual successor to Live Aid and features a historic line-up of acts all turning out to raise money for the WHO and coronavirus frontline workers around the globe. Here's how to watch the One World: Together at Home – stream the concert live and for free wherever you are in the world with our easy-to-understand guide

Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert, the One World: Together at Home line-up is beyond the wildest dreams of even the biggest festival promoters. There's musical legends in the form of Elton John, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder; celebrity royalty like The Beckhams, Oprah and Samuel L. Jackson; and three of biggest acts of 2020 in event curator Lady Gaga, Billie Ellish and Taylor Swift.

Beyond that, disgruntled 90s youths get their fix thanks to Eddie Vedder, Billie Joe Armstrong and Alanis Morissette. Even classical music fans have a treat in store courtesy of Andrea Bocelli and Lang Lang, while those after an even smoother groove can look forward to Alicia Keyes, Usher, and Jenifer Hudson – by way of Pharrell, Rita Ora and Sam Smith.

And for those who prefer the firmly inoffensive, there's Chris Martin, Michael Buble and The Killers – because nothing screams 'lockdown' like a Mr Brightside singalong on Houseparty.

Heck, even the cast of Sesame Street is scheduled to appear! We're sure you'll want to tune in to this massive global event, which will see proceeds donated to the World Health Organization and frontline coronavirus healthcare workers, so without further ado – here's how to watch One World: Together at Home and stream the biggest concert of modern times for free no matter where you are in the world tonight.

How to watch One World: Together at Home in the US – stream live and for free online

How to watch One World: Together at Home – UK time and free live stream details

Where to watch a One World: Together at Home stream for free in Canada tonight

Live stream One World: Together at Home and watch in Australia for free this weekend

How to watch One World: Together at Home – stream the conert from anywhere in the world 

The One World: Together at Home concert is being widely shown on free-to-air channels all over the globe, as well as being available for free online streaming via a number of popular services. However, if you can't access the platform you want due to geo-blocking restrictions, there's an easy solution.

Downloading a VPN will allow you to stream One World: Together at Home no matter where you are. This simple bit of software changes your IP address so that you can access content from anywhere in the world, simply by pointing yourself to the location where it's available.

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