Squarespace users are getting some super useful new video tools

Top website hosting service Squarespace has announced a range of new video tools that it thinks will greatly please creators. 

Although embedding video, such as from YouTube, has always been possible on Squarespace, the new additions are focused on hosting and monetizing that video content, such as its relatively new Member Areas service. 

Broadly, the new tools let website owners sell access to video content, host video content directly, and upload up to 30 minutes of high-res content. There are also new tagging and merchandising tools. 

Squarespace video hosting

The company has also rebuilt its video player from scratch to accommodate the new features, which includes playback, speed, and resolution controls alongside deep integration with the Squarespace platform. 

“We launched Member Areas in 2020 to provide creators with a new way to sell content through memberships,” said Squarespace. “Since then, we’ve seen an increase in video content being utilised, and to help customers better leverage this medium, our latest releases offer a seamless way to monetise video content such as classes.”

Hosting video, and offering extensive tools to manage it, puts Squarespace more directly in competition with the likes of Patreon and YouTube, both of which offer options to monetise content. OnlyFans is also now a direct rival, although it remains unclear what Squarespace's content moderation policy says about adult content. 

In recent days, Substack, the newsletter platform, has also added the ability to host video for creators in beta, a feature that will be well-received by those with many subscribers already paying for their services. 

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Microsoft Teams is finally fixing this super annoying flaw

Being plagued by annoying notifications pings whilst on a call may soon finally be at an end for users of Microsoft Teams.

The company has confirmed that it will soon allow users to mute notifications whilst they are in a video conferencing meeting or don't want to be disturbed.

This should mean an end to distracting notifications or alerts when you’re in the middle of an important meeting, particularly as more and more businesses embrace hybrid working.

No more notifications

“The current experience of receiving notifications during meetings is highly distracting and there is no easy way to turn off these notifications making it highly painful for users,” Microsoft's Joao Ferreira wrote in an M365 admin post announcing the news.

“This feature will introduce a setting to help the user turn OFF notifications during meetings.”

In order to activate the setting, users need to click on the ellipsis next to their Microsoft Teams profile picture, then select global settings -> Notifications -> Meetings. Doing so will turn off notifications for all meetings.

Microsoft Teams mute notifications

(Image credit: Microsoft)

If users want to allow certain notifications to come through, say if they are expecting an important email or alert, users can turn notifications on or off for a per meeting basis through the setting provided in the meeting tray.

By allowing users to specify which types of alerts they receive, the latest Teams update should help address common remote working issues that have been increasingly facing workers across the world. 

Ferreira noted that the feature is set to begin rolling out in early February, with most users set to have it ready by mid-March 2022. It will be available worldwide to all Microsoft Teams users across desktop and web.

News of the feature first emerged back in November 2021, with Microsoft Teams enjoying a raft of useful updates since then. This includes the addition of chat bubbles so that users wouldn't miss private messages sent during a video call, both 1:1 or as part of a group call.

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The 5 best ever Super Bowl halftime shows

Needless to say…we're SUPER pumped for next weekend's Super Bowl. But forgetting the actual football for a moment, we've been taking a look at the best halftime shows in history to get us ready for the main event. In the past we've had spectacle, we've had controversy, we've had surprise guests and even more surprising fashion slips. We've had the world's biggest stars taking to the field to put on a show once the second quarter's all washed up and we want more. 

Thankfully, we're getting it as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira take up the mantle in 2020, but to welcome them to the Super Bowl halftime hall of fame, we're counting down our top shows over the last 53 Championship games. 

That means we're running through all the silhouette guitar solos, left shark antics, helicopter exits, and genre-mashing dance offs to find the craziest, most awe-inspiring performances yet. Each year is exciting, but there are some special years when magic is made on the field and it all happens between the second and third quarters. The Super Bowl halftime show is one of the most bombastic blasts of entertainment of the year, and we're bringing you the very best of the best for some pre-game study.

5. Super Bowl XLIX halftime show: Left Shark steals the show from Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott

You'd be forgiven for any confusion the day after Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott took on the Super Bowl halftime show. Instead of raving about the stars of what was, anyway, a fantastic show, the world was obsessed with a hapless extra dressed in a shark costume. 

Left Shark quickly became an internet phenomenon after some lacklustre dance moves became a hilariously human distraction on a stage of superstars. Aside from the lovable shark mishaps, we enjoyed Katy Pretty being propelled into the sky for a rendition of Firework, after Missy Elliott joined her on stage for a three song diversion. Still, it was an electric show that demonstrated just how deep the halftime show has become ingrained in entertainment culture. 

4. Super Bowl XXX halftime show: Diana Ross has lift off

A Diana Ross Super Bowl halftime show was never going to be a low-key affair. But 14 costume changes, sparkling airlifts, a field-covering golden cape, and a helicopter exit set to I Will Survive and Take Me Higher took the short entertainment slot to new heights. 

If you can try and ignore the theatrics for a second, you'll also realize that this 1996 show was filled to the brim with the medleys and mashups of Diana Ross's hottest tracks. We kick off with Stop In The Name of Love and flit through some of Ross's top tracks before reaching costume change number six at Chain Reaction, then it's a whistle stop tour past Reach Out And Touch before a sublime Ain't No Mountain High Enough is belted from the heights of an airlift. 

3. Super Bowl XXXV halftime show: the best of 2001 come to party

Aerosmith. NSYNC. Britney Spears. Mary J. Blige. Nelly. You could have ripped the Super Bowl XXXV lineup straight off a 2001 USB MP3 player. It was a never ending roster of fireworks (coming out of JT's hands no less), boyband power poses and dance offs. And then Walk This Way happened. 

Suddenly you have Britney taking the stage to duet a verse with Justin, and then Mary J. Blige joins the party. Who next? Nelly jumps out to complete this Who's Who of everyone's bedroom poster collection and the world seems to stop spinning for just a moment. The 2001 Super Bowl halftime show was stuff of legend, bringing together the biggest artists of the day to perform in new and spectacular ways – plus, it was the first show to allow the audience onto the field so no wonder the entire show feels different. 

Oh yeah, and the whole thing starts with a Ben Stiller Dodgeball cameo.

2. Super Bowl XLVII halftime show: Beyonce brings out the single ladies

We were happy with a Beyoncé halftime show, if a little shocked she had never held the show solo before. We were happy with a slew of hits infused with the kind of raw power you only find in a Knowles performance. We were even happy with a solo artist taking on the entire Super Bowl halftime show by herself… until she wasn't. 

Dreams came true when Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined their former Destiny's Child frontwoman on stage just before a legendary Charlie's Angels pose. Bootylicious and Independent Women ensued, before a rendition of Single Ladies and Halo melted the nation. Not only was Beyoncé's Super Bowl halftime show an explosive success in its own right, but it served to somewhat alleviate the reputation of the singer herself after controversy over lip syncing earlier in the year. 

1. Super Bowl XLI halftime show: Prince's Purple Rain

There's something about performing in the pouring rain that makes everything so much more intense. To be honest, Prince never needed the added flair to raise the stakes of his shows, but the Super Bowl XLI halftime show was on another level of showmanship. Take big budget spectacle and combine it with an artist as extravagant as the man who made himself a symbol and you've got yourself a show. 

Every second, from the opening thunder of a We Will Rock You cover to the finale of a particularly fitting Purple Rain was dripping in finesse. A simple silhouette and a shredding guitar solo made for one of the most powerful moments in halftime history. 


Who is performing at the Super Bowl 2020 halftime show? 

From helicopters to awkward sharks, we've enjoyed swathes of legendary performances over the last 53 Championship games. Following in the footsteps of these star-studded spectacles are Jennifer Lopez and Shakira as they take to the stage for the 54th Super Bowl in Miami, Florida.

We're expecting some of each artists' biggest hits to boom out over the speakers of Hard Rock Stadium so get ready for some Jenny From The Block, Hips Don't Lie, Let's Get Loud mashups. Celebrating the history of Latin music in the heart of Miami, the two artists will also likely treat us to a live selection of their Spanish-language hits.

To make sure you don't miss a minute of the spectacle, we've put together a handy guide to watch the Super Bowl halftime show online from anywhere.

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