Computing giant Dell has announced an upgrade to its gargantuan 86-inch 4K touch monitor, and TechRadar Pro got hands on with the C8621QT at BETT 2020 in London. 

It only takes a glance at Dell's latest offering to understand just how far the smart display industry has come. The scale of the interactive monitor is quite something to behold, and it improves upon previous iterations in a handful of small but significant ways.

The new 4K UHD interactive monitor features a smaller bezel, which makes the screen feel even larger than it is. It also boasts USB-C connectivity, which means both power and data are pushed through a single connection.

The C8621QT is also far lighter than its predecessor, which improves portability. The new lightweight model – competitor to Microsoft's Surface Hub 2S – is easily transported between meeting spaces or classrooms, catering to the needs of its core audience: schools and businesses. 

Dell says that the product can offer improved real-time collaboration, and comes with 20-point multi-touch.  It also features Dell’s own Screen Drop Feature, which helps improve accessibility for users of different heights – meaning everyone in the business can get involved.


The product’s greatest selling point is the ability to swap out the OptiPlex Micro PC driving the display. Dell’s modular approach means a new OptiPlex can be easily installed whenever the old model begins to slow, extending the lifespan of the touch monitor significantly.

Dell’s approach is designed to provide customers with access to best-in-class functionality, without becoming tethered to a high-value unit than quickly become outdated.

The previous model is being sold by Dell for £8,239.20 (AU$ 8,897.81 or around $ 10,792) per unit at the time of writing. The company tells TechRadar Pro the new model will come in at a similar price point when it goes on sale in April.

Dell concedes the C8621QT’s price-point might prove prohibitive in some instances (e.g. for state schools that receive no private funding). But, despite the significant upfront cost, the company says the total cost of ownership is still far lower than all-in-one solutions that need replacing more regularly.

This impressive new piece of kit will tick boxes for schools and businesses looking for a high-quality collaboration solution that will last and last, provided they can abide the initial price.

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