As part of a new iOS update, WhatsApp is introducing an alternate sign-in method that allows users to log in by entering their email.

So far, Meta has yet to make a formal announcement regarding the upgrade. We’re learning about this through WABetaInfo. They explain this tool can be helpful if you’re ever in a situation where you don’t have cellular service and are unable to get the code through a text message. Hints of this upcoming feature were first seen in a beta back in early November.  However, access was restricted to a few people. Moving forward, iPhone owners can enter their personal email where they will then receive a six-digit code to sign in. 

Keep in mind that this is strictly a backup method. You will still need to enter a phone number in order to create a brand new WhatsApp account. Of course, logging in with the number will remain an option. 9To5Mac in its coverage states emails will only be used to “access the account and won’t be visible to” others.

To try out the feature, iPhone users will need to install WhatsApp for iOS version 23.24.70. From there, go to the Settings tab then tap Account where you’ll find the email login option. No word on whether or not this update will expand to Android. The latest WhatsApp beta for Android, according to WABetaInfo, adds a filter for status updates on the platform and not much else.

Growing security

This patch is part of a continuing effort by Meta to grow and expand WhatsApp’s security. 2023 has been a busy year for the service as it has seen the introduction of the Protect IP Address tool to relay phone calls through company servers as well as support for passkeys. In the future, WhatsApp is slated to have usernames implemented on Android as an extra layer of privacy if someone doesn't feel comfortable with sharing their name. It’s unknown when we’ll see this rollout. The last time we heard about it was all the way back in May. Presumably, it’s still under development

Security is always at the forefront of WhatsApp, but things don’t always end with apps. If you’re interested in taking data protection to the next level, check out TechRadar’s list of the best secure smartphones for 2023

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