The Apple MacBook Pro 16 still holds bragging rights when it comes to the maximum storage capacity available in a traditional portable laptop. 

Apple uses a proprietary approach, plugging memory chips directly into the motherboard to reach a whopping 8TB of storage, while only a handful of vendors even offer 4TB PCIe SSDs.

OWC has recently joined Sabrent as only the second consumer vendor to offer a 4TB NVMe PCIe M2.2280 SSD. OWC's Aurora P12 costs $ 1,149.88, while Sabrent's offering, known as Rocket, is available for only $ 849.99 from Amazon (roughly £690/AU$ 1335).

Why does that matter? Well, because you can plug two into a Windows laptop to match the MacBook Pro's 8TB capacity.

There’s only one laptop vendor worldwide (Eurocom), to our knowledge, that bundles its laptops with these 4TB drives – and they’re neither as cheap nor as portable as Apple’s slim-and-thin mobile workstation.

Apple charges $ 6,099 for the very top of the range 16-inch MacBook Pro, while Dell has, unfortunately, stopped pushing 2TB PCI NVMe SSD with its 64GB XPS 15 laptop

As for the Sabrent Rocket, it is an x4 model that comes bundled with the Acronis True Image software, Toshiba’s BICS3 flash and Sabrent’s own RKT303 controller. Its performance speeds can reach up to 3450 MB/s (read) and 3000 MB/s (write).

Just bear in mind, this is a Gen 3 rather than a Gen 4 SSD.

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