WhatsApp now lets you edit your messaging nightmares – here’s how to do it

WhatsApp is saving you from those awkward spelling mistakes and missing commas by giving you the power to edit messages – within limits. 

We first saw inklings of this update in a late March beta. The feature didn’t work at the time, but there were some clues hinting at how it would function. From the looks of things, not much has changed since then.

To fix a text, Meta states you need to first long-press a sent message and then select Edit from the menu that appears. Users have 15 minutes to make their corrections. Texts cannot be changed past the time limit, forcing you to live with the typos you made (or you can just send a new text).

Messages that have been altered will display ‘Edited’ right next to them, making it clear to others in a chat that some corrections have been made. It all works similarly to iMessage editing on iOS 16. WhatsApp, however, will not save any sort of edit history, meaning others won’t be able to see previous versions of texts.

Editable messages are currently “rolling out to users globally and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks” so keep an eye out for the new patch. We asked Meta if there are any other restrictions. For example, on iOS 16 users can only make up to five edits to a text within a 15-minute window. This story will be updated at a later time.

WhatsApp Message Editing

WhatsApp Message Editing (Image credit: WhatsApp)

A very busy month

WhatsApp has had quite a busy month as the platform has seen multiple updates in a short amount of time. Just last week, the app gained a Chat Lock tool, ensuring your private conversation stays private which can be useful if you’re using a shared phone. Before that, we saw the introduction of single-vote polls “to stop people from skewing [results] with multiple votes.”

As for the near future, it appears Meta will soon launch a “password reminder feature for end-to-end encrypted backups”, according to a recent post from WABetaInfo. The app will ask you to verify the password so you’ll always have access to the backup in the event you forget your login credentials. This particular update will be rolling out to both Android and iOS “over the coming weeks.”

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Zoom’s new animated avatars are the stuff of nightmares

Zoom has rolled out an update for its video conferencing platform that introduces a new feature that may well fuel your nightmares for weeks to come.

In addition to virtual backgrounds and video filters, Zoom now lets users appear as an animated avatar in animal form, with choices ranging from cat to cow, raccoon, bunny, dog and more.

The avatars not only replace the original video feed, but also mirror the person’s head movements and facial expressions courtesy of a few AI tricks.

Zoom avatars

Zoom set out the rationale for its eccentric new feature in a company blog post, saying the Avatars tool will be useful on multiple fronts, both breathing a bit of levity into meetings and concealing the video feed of those that would prefer not to feature on camera.

“Video communication is a modern marvel, but creating those magical and spontaneous moments that make in-person interactions so special can be difficult in a virtual setting,” the company says.

“Avatars are an easy and entertaining way to engage with attendees and create a bit of fun. They also provide a good middle ground for users who don’t want to appear on camera, but still want to express body language and facial expressions.”

Although the novelty value is clear and users will likely have plenty of fun messing around with the feature, the idea it might be employed in a business context feels farfetched.

Zoom avatars

(Image credit: Zoom)

Once you’ve seen your co-worker metamorphose into an animated cow, it’s unlikely you’ll care much about the spreadsheet they are presenting. Indeed, you may never look at them the same again.

Although the new avatars are charming enough at first glance, there is also a sinister quality to them. It’s difficult to identify precisely why, but it has at least something to do with the beady little eyes.

In reality, the new feature is more of a marketing stunt than a genuine platform upgrade. If it wasn’t, Zoom would have started with human avatars, which will supposedly land in a future update. But to the company’s credit, the strategy appears to have paid off.

The Avatars feature is available now on Zoom for Windows, macOS and iOS. TechRadar Pro has asked for clarification as to when Android users will gain access to the feature.

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