Microsoft is releasing the .NET update you’ve all been waiting for

Although Microsoft's .NET open source framework only just celebrated its 20th birthday the company is now pushing ahead with a new version, .NET 7. 

In a blog post, Microsoft says it is releasing .NET 7 Preview 1 alongside ASP.NET Core Preview 1 and EF7 Preview 1.

“.NET 7 builds on the foundation established by .NET 6, which includes a unified set of base libraries, runtime, and SDK, a simplified development experience, and higher developer productivity,” says Microsoft's Jeremy Likness. “Major areas of focus for .NET 7 include improved support for cloud native scenarios, tools to make it easier to upgrade legacy projects, and simplifying the developer experience by making it easier to work with containers.” 

Open source forever and always 

If you use .NET for work (or pleasure), then it's worth reading the full blog for the details on what's new over .NET 6 as there's a lot. 

Some headline features is the addition of .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI), and new tools to make it easier to build cloud-native apps by simplifying the setup and configuration necessary to implement secure authentication and authorization, and also improving the performance of application startup and runtime execution.

Developers will be able to easily and quickly upgrade their .NET 6 apps to the new platform, with Microsoft providing a range of support tools and services.

After many years opposing open source, Microsoft is really leaning into making the space better. It's fair to say many developers were initially sceptical of Microsoft and it's commitment to making open source tools as the company, seeking to maintain its dominant position, opposed many developers and projects. 

But Microsoft's GitHub acquisition for $ 7.5 billion in 2018 helped the company turn a new page and win over sceptics. 

By maintaining .NET 7 – which is truly open source and cross-platform – so thoroughly (you could even say lovingly), Microsoft is doing its bit for the furtherance of computing.  

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Microsoft .NET is officially 20 years old

Microsoft is celebrating 20 years of .NET, its open source framework popular among developers of all stripes. 

“Today marks 20 years since Visual Studio .NET launched and the first version of the .NET platform was released (or should I say, unleashed) to the world,” said Microsoft's Beth Massi in a blog post

According to Microsoft, over five million developers use .NET globally, and it was voted as the most loved framework on Stack Overflow in 2019, 2020, and 2021, which is quite an achievement for two decade old software. 

An open source friend

Building on .NET Framework, which was originally Windows-only, Microsoft expanded .NET over the years to include tools for developing apps on macOS and Linux. The company also led the way on open sourcing the project, resulting in an open source version on Github in 2014. 

The company is hosting some cool content and events at (a very charming domain), so make sure to check those out if you're a fan. 

Microsoft has famously had some issues with open source software, especially during the 2000s, and many were worried during its Github acquisition that the company wasn't operating on the level. 

Over time, however, Microsoft has proven itself to be a welcome contributor to the open source community and .NET is a fantastic example of why: cross-platform tools beloved by developers. 

“.NET has come a long way in 20 years but the original vision to change developers’ lives still holds true,” says Massi. 

“You can build any type of app, for any operating system, with great performance. From high-throughput, cloud-scale services to the smallest microcontrollers .NET is there, and the community has made this platform and its large ecosystem a huge success.” 

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