Microsoft Edge will let you embrace multiple identities at once

Using multiple profiles across Microsoft Edge should soon become a lot smoother thanks to an update coming to the service.

Microsoft has revealed it is working on a new feature for its web browser that will allow users to create a selection of websites where they can switch between user profiles.

The tool could prove useful for Edge users that use the software for work, and need to switch between personal and workplace accounts frequently, or for those sharing a laptop or other device with family members.

Multi-profile in Microsoft Edge

“Users can personalize their multi-profile experience with the ability to create a customized list of sites for automatic profile switching in Microsoft Edge,” the entry on the Microsoft 365 roadmap reads.

Although Edge initially unveiled profile support back in 2019, users have had to stick with one profile until now, with the new tool meaning users have less need to use anonymous browsers, but can rely instead on speedy switching.

The feature will be arriving in Microsoft Edge v.98, which is set to begin rolling out within the next few weeks. The company says that the multi-profile preferences tool should launch by the end of the month at the latest, with users around the world able to access the feature.

It's the latest addition to Microsoft Edge v.98 as the company looks to tempt users away from browser rivals such as Google Chrome.

The company recently announced that Microsoft Edge v.98 is getting a significant security upgrade thanks to a “boosted browsing experience” that puts safety and security at the forefront. 

This includes allowing administrators to apply group policies to end-user desktops across not just Windows devices, but also those running macOS and Linux, giving extra protection against zero-day threats, as well as what Microsoft says is “an extra layer of protection when browsing the web.”

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