It's been a year since the game's release and modders are still coming to the rescue of players who are unable to use some features within the city.

Cyberpunk 2077's wide-ranging metropolis has had a metro system that you could visit, but not use. Thanks to a modder by the name of keanuWheeze, you can now use the metro system to get around the city as you please.

There are 19 stations that you can use, and as you ride one, you can also switch between a first or third-person perspective, so you can get a good view of the city as you travel.

The posts on the page by players are already full of praise, with some exclaiming how this one mod has convinced them to re-install the game again.

Analysis: modders to the rescue

It's well-established that Cyberpunk 2077 has not had the best of launches, with constant patches to fix up characters, vehicles, and much more to make it playable at least, and enjoyable at the most.

While CD Projekt RED is most likely planning to enable the NCART System in time, the priority is still to make sure the game plays as originally planned. But mods have also been able to improve games in ways that the developers never intended.

Sonic Mania is a great example – released in 2017, modders have been able to implement brand new zones that reimagine levels from previous Sonic games.

Mods can not only enable features such as the NCART System, but they can also give new experiences that can be seen as unofficial expansion packs.

This could be Cyberpunk's saving grace, as there's still a significant fanbase who want the game to meet expectations that CD Projeckt RED set many years ago.

The game can still be breathtaking in an official capacity, but it could be the mods that can really help the game shine in time.

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