We could soon see a major rebranding of Apple ID, Apple’s name for the account users have to use in order to log in, link together, and manage their Apple devices and services.  According to some insiders, Apple is experimenting with changing “Apple ID” to “Apple Account,” and that we could see this come into effect some time this year.

Apple ID is an Apple staple and it allows users to sign into their devices and sync  data, settings, and contacts, as well as granting access to Apple services like the App Store and iCloud. You can create an Apple ID when setting up a new iPhone or Mac, via iTunes if you’re on a Windows device (make sure you have the latest version), or at the official Apple ID website. 

MacRumors speculates that the rebranding of Apple ID to “Apple Account” will happen at some point in 2024, possibly coinciding with the release of macOS 15 (codenamed Glow) and iOS 18 (codenamed Crystal). This is expected to take effect across all Apple applications, Apple’s website, and presumably anywhere else where Apple itself refers to Apple ID. As of now, however, Apple hasn’t officially confirmed that this rebrand will take place. 

There are already a number of places where Apple user accounts are named “Apple Account,” such as “Apple Account Balance” on its official support page, which explains how users can check and use the monetary balance tied to their Apple ID (as it’s presently known).

iTunes in Windows 11

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A rebranding shrouded in mystery

It’s hard to tell exactly why Apple is considering the rebranding (if it even is, remember these are still rumors for now), but it’s known that Apple rebrands often come in tandem with the launch of new products and services. 

Of course, is recently launched the Apple Vision Pro headset, its take on virtual reality headsets, and there are a lot of rumors swirling that there could be new MacBooks and iPads coming very soon. So, if you begin to see Apple ID less and less, it’s (probably) a planned change – that is, if it happens at all.

Most, if not all, Apple device users have come to be familiar with the name Apple ID – so changing it could be risky and confuse people if the rebrand isn't handled well. That's something a few of Apple's rivals know all too well.


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