Taiwan highlights powerful AI and cloud products with the Taiwan Excellence Awards

In the internet age, reliable connectivity and networks are paramount. There’s a great deal that goes into keeping the back-end of a network running, and then more on top of that necessary to provide quality services to thousands or millions of users connecting to it every day. Recently, AI and cloud applications have been on the rise to meet these needs. And in the past year, a few particular products stood out from the pack as offering more innovation and life-changing impacts than the rest, earning them the Taiwan Excellence Award for 2023. 

Over the last 30 years, Taiwan has highlighted its domestic products with the Taiwan Excellence Awards, which go to products offering technical innovation and real, life-changing impact. It is this focus on innovative value that the International Trade Administration (TITA) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) seek to highlight across the world. 

Each year, Taiwan Excellence Awards selects only a handful of innovative products that have met rigorous criteria for R&D, design, quality, and marketing. The selected products receive the Taiwan Excellence Award mark, which serves as a distinction and testament to their high standards. 

These products, designed and made in Taiwan embody a combination of innovation and excellence reflecting the following aspects:

  • Innovative: Products that prioritize customer satisfaction through advanced and thoughtful design.
  • Excellence: Companies that are passionate about common goals, foster team spirit, enthusiasm, and knowledge-sharing.
  • Value: Practical products that truly enhance everyday life
  • Dependable: Reliable products with quality and performance you can count on.

The highlights in AI and cloud computing in this year’s Taiwan Excellence Awards are the PCIe 4.0 Enterprise SSD Controller IC from Phison Electronics, the LoRa AIoT Network Solution from Planet Technology, and SysTalk.Chat from TPIsoftware.

Phison’s PCIe 4.0 Enterprise SSD Controller IC — PS5020-E20 (X1 Solution) 

Phison’s X1 PCIe 4.0 Enterprise SSD Controller IC

(Image credit: Phison Electronics Corp)

Phison PS5020-E20 is a next-generation high-performance enterprise class SSD controller and solution that will help reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) in enterprise use case scenarios with increased storage density, low power consumption, and high performance. The advanced solution enables smarter storage infrastructure in wide-ranging enterprise storage applications such as hyperscale data centers, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence (AI). 

With our cutting-edge ASIC designs and engineering know-hows combined with strong synergy with our partners, Phison looks to answer to demanding enterprise SSD market needs while working toward leading positions with state-of-the-art enterprise-grade NAND flash memory controller IC solutions. PS5020-E20-powered NAND storage solutions are fine-tuned for specific workloads and applications like AI, cloud storage, and 5G edge computing to give enterprise customers the biggest bang for their buck.

Planet Technology’s LoRa AIoT Network Solution

Planet Technology’s LoRa AIoT Network Solution

(Image credit: PLANET Technology Corporation)

PLANET LoRa AIoT Network Solution is specially designed for the efficient management of long-range IoT network infrastructure. It is flexible to be used in a variety of vertical applications such as factories, smart cities, energy facilities, and transportation. It is a cost-effective and reliable method for ISPs and enterprises to integrate the existing AIoT network deployment with new network devices and multiple communication protocols. 

The system can integrate using LoRa LPWAN, Wi-Fi 6 and optical fiber connections, making it exceedingly versatile, and it’s compatible with industrial-grade VPNs (IPSec/PPTP/L2TP over IPSec) and cybersecurity functions. The units offer a rugged industrial design, support MQTT and Modbus TCP, and come pre-configured for EU868/US915/AS923 MHz Sub 1G frequency bands. Serving as a comprehensive solution for networks, it offers an intelligent central management platform with a user-friendly web UI, a secure communication transmission gateway, and data conversion equipment. 



(Image credit: TPIsoftware Corporation)

TPIsoftware's SysTalk.Chat is the most powerful conversational AI service delivering smart customer service. It has been awarded Taiwan Excellence Awards 2023, CX Asia Excellence Awards 2021 in Singapore and many more. TPIsoftware has also been selected as a Cool Vendor in Conversational AI in APAC 2018 by Gartner. With a high market penetration, SysTalk.Chat has freed up employees’ time for higher-value work, saved 40% of labor cost for enterprises, helped enterprises expand omnichannel strategy, and increased customer satisfaction.

SysTalk.Chat has been widely adopted across industries, serving millions of monthly users in Taiwan with a robust customer experience. Built with the exclusive dual brain NLU + FAQ and voice recognition, SysTalk.Chat can provide human-like dialogue and activate voice recognition with minimal corpus data. What’s more, SysTalk.Chat is also a visual chatbot that stands out for its visual recognition capability that can interpret all kinds of documents with built-in AI-OCR technology. 

SysTalk.Chat can further integrate with TPIsoftware's DigiFusion, an iPaaS middle platform featuring API management to connect other existing services, which allows services such as bank transactions to be done simply through chatbot conversations, making customer service and the conversational service blueprint more comprehensive.  

Made in Taiwan: An environment that fosters innovation

The companies showcased here have forged everyday excellence into the DNA of their products. The Taiwan Excellence Awards showcase Taiwan's belief that innovative, cutting-edge technology can lead the way to a better future. The winners of the 2023 Taiwan Excellence Awards also demonstrate how Taiwan's work to build an innovative economic landscape is bearing fruit.

For more information, visit Taiwan Excellence and see the best made in Taiwan. 

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Google Photos now shows you an AI-powered highlights reel of your life

The Google Photos app is getting a redesigned, AI-powered Memories feature to help you find your life's highlights among the clutter of your everyday snaps and videos.

The Memories carousel, which Google says is used by half a billion people every month, was introduced four years ago at the top of the Android and iOS app. It automatically picks out what it considers to be your most important photos and videos, but Google is now making it a more central part of the app. 

From today in the US (other regions in the “coming months”) the Memories feature is moving to the bottom of the app's navigation bar and getting some useful new tricks. One of these is the ability to “co-author” Memories albums with friends and family, in a similar way to shared albums. 

This feature sounds particularly handy for big events like weddings, as you'll be able to invite friends or family to collaborate on specific Memories and add their photos and videos to help fill in the gaps. You can also save any Memories that are shared with you to your Google Photos account.

Google is also promising to add a couple of other new features to Memories soon. If you're struggling to think of a title for your collection of snaps (which we can't imagine is a major issue) then you'll be able to use generative AI to come up with some suggested names like “a desert adventure”. This is apparently an experimental feature, and only currently available to “select accounts in the US”.

Perhaps more useful will be the option of sharing your Memories as videos, which means you'll be able to send them to friends and family who aren't on Google Photos in messaging apps like WhatsApp. Google says this is “coming soon”, but unfortunately hasn't yet given a rough timescale. Knowing Google, that could be anything from three months to three years, but we'll update this article when we hear something more specific.

Google upgrades the photo album

An Android phone on an orange background showing a photo of a kitten being shared in the Google Photos Memories feature

You can now share Memories albums with other Google Photos users in the updated version of the app (above). (Image credit: Google)

While these are only minor tweaks to the Google Photos app, they do show that Google increasingly sees its cloud photo service as a social app.

The ability to “co-author” Memories albums is something that'll no doubt be used by millions for events like weddings, vacations, pets, and celebrations. And as Google Photos isn't used by everyone, the incoming option to share Memories as videos to WhatsApp groups and other messaging apps should also prove popular.

On the other hand, these AI-powered photo albums have also sparked controversy with their sometimes insensitive surfacing of unwanted memories and photos. Google says that its updated Memories view lets you quickly add or remove specific photos or videos, or hide particular memories, to help with this.

On the whole, the Memories feature is certainly an upgrade to having to pass around a physical photo album, and its AI powers will no doubt improve rapidly if half a billion people continue to use it every month. If it works as well as it does in the demos, it could effectively be an automated highlights reel of your life.

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