Instagram is greatly expanding its video remixing options

Instagram has announced two significant changes to its video offerings. The first of which sees a huge expansion of the Remix feature that is currently to be found on Reels.

As part of a major update, Instagram is making it possible to remix all-new video content, regardless of whether these are Reels or not. The company says that the expansion is a result of there being such a high level of interest in video remixing.

When remixing, users are able to take advantage of various creative tools such as video effects, audio tools, and a voiceover option.

The wide availability of remixing, Instagram says, will “Give creators yet another way to reinvent their content, and collaborate with other creators.”

While the company says that it is now possible to remix “all video content”, there is an important caveat to note. The remixing option only applies to new content, with the social platform saying: “Unfortunately, videos published on our platform prior to this update are not eligible for remix”.

The company goes on to explain how to make use of the Remix option on videos that are eligible:

  1. Choose a public Instagram video
  2. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner
  3. Select Remix this video
  4. Record your answer or upload from camera roll
  5. A remix of an Instagram video will be visible anywhere you share Reels

Live options

Instagram Live scheduled options

(Image credit: Instagram)

Instagram also has an announcement relating to using the platform for live broadcasts. From today (January 20), anyone who has scheduled a live broadcast will be able to take advantage of various options for promoting it.

The latest update to the platform means that a user's profile can be used to highlight the topic, date, and time of a scheduled Live, helping to build up an audience ahead of time. If there are multiple Lives scheduled, Instagram says that only the scheduled Live closest to the broadcast will be displayed on the profile.

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