Today’s Wordle answer #251 (Feb 25) – with hints to help you avoid cheating first

We at TechRadar have been wondering about how we should cover the massive Wordle trend that’s been taking over the globe – after all, just giving away the answer feels a little bit too simple – although, don’t worry, today’s Wordle answer for puzzle #251 (Feb 25) is below, and you can scroll straight to it if you want.

But wait! The whole beauty of Wordle, in our eyes, is the learning that comes with trying to figure out the word. The way it forces you to dredge up old words, to think strategically about how words are made, and learning new ones when you fail.

So we’ve come up with a double-pronged strategy: we’ll update this page with the Wordle answer every day (so do give it a bookmark) but we’ve also enlisted one of our best, most-seasoned writers in Lance Ulanoff to run a daily diary giving tips on how to win at Wordle each and every (week)day.

Today’s Wordle hint from Lance

Wordle Guesses

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If you’re getting stumped on today’s word, remember the hidden rule of Wordle: a single letter can appear more than once.

And so can another.

If you want to follow along further to find another route to the Wordle answer, then follow Lance’s Daily Diary – How I solved Wordle #251 (obviously, spoilers for today's answer)

Other ways to find Wordle’s 5 letter words

Look, we’re going to make one final plea before we give you the answer – why not try a 5 letter word generator? There are loads of great tools online that can help you learn a bit more about the world of Wordle and how to get the right letters first – how about you check one of those out?

One of our favorites is WordFinderX, which allows you to put in letters at the start and the end if you know them and, crucially: allows you to enter any letters that don’t fit.

WordFinderX - game for beating Wordle home page

(Image credit: WordFinderX)

Started to take advantage of the Words with Friends craze, this website has blatantly had a huge rise in traffic of late, but it really does do the job.

We won’t lie – if you’ve entered two words already in Wordle, you’ll quite quickly be left with only a few words to try – so it’s pretty close to getting the day’s Wordle answer. 

Speaking of which…

Today’s Wordle Answer #251 (Feb 25)

Wordle Guesses

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OK, today’s answer if you want it: VIVID. 

A right ol’ crafty answer today, using the same letter twice… twice. Many people are going to get stumped by this one, we feel – although it’s still one of the better-known words out there.

Meaning 'an intensely deep or bright color' or 'powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind', the definition of vivid is pretty… well, vivid in itself.

How did you do yesterday?

If you’ve been playing regularly and keeping that ol’ streak extended, then you’ve probably already worked out yesterday’s answer, which was BLOKE (a superbly British word that’s slang for man).

But, thanks to the genius WordleStats Twitter feed, you can now see how you stacked up against everyone else. And if you got it in under 4 attempts then kudos – you’re officially a Good Wordler.

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Love a bit of Wordle but annoyed it only lasts one day? Well, why don't you try Wordle Unlimited, the hugely unofficial game where you can play as many times as you like – and we've got all you need to know on how to use and play Wordle Unlimted ready for you.

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The first Android 13 beta is out now and it’s big on privacy

Right on schedule, the first beta version of Android 13 has now been released by Google, but as usual this first release is a developer preview, so it’s not designed for consumers.

In fact, if you download it and you aren’t a developer then you probably won’t see much that’s new or different, as the initial changes are largely hidden features aimed at developers.

Highlights of this release include a photo picker tool, which allows users to select media files (such as photos) without having to grant the app they’re in access to their entire media library. So that’s aimed at maintaining your privacy and not giving apps more access than they need.

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There’s also a new ‘Nearby device permission for Wi-Fi’, which allows apps to discover and connect to nearby devices over Wi-Fi, without also needing access to your location. So again, this is a feature that has privacy in mind.

Another change is the ability for the color of all app icons to match your theme if you’re using a Pixel phone.

Currently, Google’s dynamic theming will change the color of app icons and other interface elements to complement whatever wallpaper you use, but it doesn’t work with third-party apps. With Android 13 it will, though developers will need to provide compatible icons. Google claims this support will eventually come to other phones too.

Three screenshots showing themed icons in Android 13

(Image credit: Google)

There are also other tools very much aimed at developers, like a simplified process for adding custom Quick Settings tiles, while one other user-facing change is a per-app language preference, so you don’t need to have all apps defaulting to the same language, which could be handy if you’re multi-lingual (or trying to be).

That’s about it. If you have a Google Pixel 4 onwards then you can grab this preview, but we’d strongly advise you don’t if you’re not a developer. It won’t be stable, and as you can see, there’s not much here for you. We’d expect more exciting features will appear in public betas.

An image showing the Android 13 roadmap

(Image credit: Google)

Analysis: the Android 13 roadmap

Alongside this beta, Google has handily released a roadmap for its Android 13 plans, so we can see that the first public beta will probably land in April, with the software becoming stable in late June or early July. This might coincide with Google I/O, where the company typically reveals a bunch of big features for its upcoming OS version.

The final release then looks like it might land in September, though October is possible too, as that’s when Android 12 was released.

We wouldn’t really suggest grabbing any of the betas before Google reaches platform stability, but at a minimum you should probably wait for the first public beta in April.

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Birds of Prey: first reactions make it sound way better than Suicide Squad

The world premiere for Birds of Prey was last night, and the first reactions to the DC Comics adaptation are now hitting social media. The overall response to the Suicide Squad spin-off starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn seems really positive, with praise for the movie's action, cast and choice of tone. 

First reactions don't necessarily represent the eventual consensus around a film – just look at the reactions to The Rise of Skywalker after its premiere, some of which sound like they're about an entirely different movie – but they're a decent indicator of what to expect. The whole phenomenon of first reactions has been parodied extensively by Ben Mekler on Twitter. 

With that in mind, the responses to Birds of Prey are promising, and this movie is almost certainly going to be better than Suicide Squad by default. So let's get into them.

First up, we've got kind words for the ensemble cast of the movie, which includes Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Huntress, Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Black Canary and Ella Jay Basco as Cassandra Cain (the second Batgirl in the comics). The movie's villain, Black Mask, is played by Ewan McGregor. 

Then we've got some favorable comparisons to 2019's Shazam!, which was largely praised for being a different and fun take on a superhero movie. It was more fun than Justice League was, anyway. 

"A criminally fun celebration of sisterhood," is how writer Millicent Thomas puts it. There are a few comparisons to Deadpool, too, in terms of the movie's cheeky tone and fourth wall-breaking.

People really seem to enjoy Ewan McGregor's performance, with one writer suggesting he deserves awards recognition.  

Then we have some "awkward plotting" called out in Birds of Prey, but amid overall praise for the movie. 

Birds of Prey, directed by Cathy Yan, will be released on February 7. It's the first of two DC Comics adaptations coming this year, with the other, Wonder Woman 1984, coming on June 5. Margot Robbie will next appear as Harley Quinn in 2021's The Suicide Squad, directed by Guardians of the Galaxy's James Gunn. 

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