Empowering New Year’s resolutions: Last-minute gifts to elevate creativity and productivity with Wondershare

Holiday shipping deadlines are zipping by, leaving those of us who are last-minute shoppers to scramble to find gifts for our loved ones that can be delivered before the holidays are on our doorsteps. Thankfully, digital products exist, and a bit of that procrastination may even be rewarded when you get to take advantage of a good sale like the one Wondershare is currently hosting. Between now and January 5, Wondershare is offering up to 65% off their suite of applications that can help you or your loved one be more creative and productive in the New Year.  

Save on last-minute gifts for creatives 

According to researchers, 3 in 10 children aspire to be YouTubers or Vloggers when they grow up. Chances are you have an aspiring content creator on your list this holiday season – or maybe you're shopping for yourself. Enter Wondershare, an industry leader in creativity and productivity solutions. Their flagship product, Filmora 13, is an award-winning video editing software for all skill levels and needs. The best part? This holiday, you can snag Filmora at up to 30% off. 

And that's not all—join the excitement of 'The Biggest Christmas' contest hosted by Filmora. Simply capture your ‘biggest’ holiday moments, whether it's the largest Santa at the mall or the colossal Christmas tree in town, edit it with Filmora, share it on social media, tag @filmora_editor, and use #FilmoraXmas2023  for a chance to win $ 500.

Wondershare's applications harness the power of AI to enhance creative output and lessen the workload of the individual. Filmora 13 is packed with features such as AI Copilot Editing, intelligent editing suggestions based on the video’s content, and AI Text-Based Editing, which allows users to transform videos into text and edit them as a document. With Filmora 13, it's easier than ever for creatives to spend less time making better video content.

AI is also an integral enhancement in Virbo, an AI video generator from Wondershare. With Virbo, creatives and professionals alike can quickly assemble videos using more than 300 AI avatars across a range of attire, ages, and ethnicities. Choose from any of Virbo’s high-quality video templates, pair it with an AI-generated script, and then choose any of the 300+ options for voices and languages to create your video. Virbo can even translate your videos into 20 languages using Voice Cloning technology. 

Give the gift of productivity for 2024 

Creativity and productivity go hand in hand, and Wondershare’s application suite has the professionals and business-oriented gift recipients in mind during this holiday sale, as well. For professionals dealing with PDF documents daily, Wondershare has PDFelement. PDFelement is specifically tailored with powerful AI technology that can assist in generating abstracts, proofreading, and translating or rewriting files quickly and easily.  Not all content creators are generating videos, some of us have to create legally binding contracts that can be opened and e-signed from anywhere. PDFelement can also help generate PDFs from images and Word documents, or scan and convert paper contracts into electronic PDF files. 

EdrawMax can also help bridge the gap between creativity and productivity. This application is designed to utilize powerful AI technology to generate flowcharts, mind maps, lists, and more with simple Q&A style prompts.  This can make it easier to brainstorm your next big creative project and get into the production phase quickly. Save time and effort with one-click AI flow charts and goodbye to tedious and repetitive busy work. Mind maps from EdrawMax are useful for productive-focused professionals and can also be useful for students for creating study charts.  

Create more in 2024

Last-minute gifts can still be thoughtful and helpful for the recipient, and with Wondershare’s CreateMas holiday sales you can give creativity and productivity — a gift that will keep on giving beyond the holidays and throughout the new year. In addition to the applications listed here, more than 15 Wondershare products are up to 65% off from now until January 5, including UniConverter, EdrawMind, DemoCreator, Dr.Fone, Mockitt and more. 

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Adobe Express adds Firefly AI to its free plan for next level creativity

The all-in-one creative suite Adobe Express is getting a wave of new features; chief among them is the introduction of the Adobe Firefly generative AI.

With Firefly being added, you will be able to create “custom image and text effects” using nothing more than a simple text prompt. The official trailer displays these tools in action as it showing the steps of how to create a poster for a neighborhood event. Firefly is used to change the basic lettering of a short phrase into a “purple gloss balloon” font. It can also be used to generate decorative backgrounds for posters. 

So it's nothing groundbreaking or anything that will blow your mind, but it is a nice addition to the Express toolbox. The best part is it’s available on the free version of Adobe Express, meaning anybody can take the AI feature out for a spin. 

We do want to warn you to not expect too much from this rendition of Firefly. Like a lot of other free image generators, the results can look rather nightmarish, especially when they involve people. It’s nowhere on the same level as Generative Fill on Photoshop. We recommend keeping things simple, like throwing in graphical flourishes, if you ever decide to try out the Express AI.

The company states the prompts support over 100 languages including French, German, Japanese, Spanish, as well as Brazilian Portuguese. Something we found a little funny is how Adobe clarifies that the content Firefly generates is “designed to be safe for commercial use.” Given how several companies with AIs are currently being sued over copyright issues, it looks like the Photoshop-developer felt the need to offer some reassurance to its customers. 

Notable non-AI features

The update introduces a lot of other non-AI tools. For the sake of brevity, we’re just going to focus on the more notable ones. 

For instance, you have Quick Actions for faster editing. These actions can remove the background in images, immediately convert a video into a GIF, edit PDFs, and “animate a character using just audio”. That last one is fittingly called Animate from Audio which will have “characters come to life” as their bodies automatically sync up to recorded dialogue. It takes some of the busy work out of animating the finer details.

Adobe is also introducing an all-in-one editor consisting of various design elements and pre-made templates for social media platforms. So if you want to make videos for TikTok or Instagram but don’t know how to start, the editor can help you out tremendously. 


Everything you see here is currently available on Adobe Express for desktop. A full list detailing each feature can be found on the official website. The company says it has plans to bring the update to the mobile app soon, but declined to give an exact date for the future patch in its announcement. 

It is great to see Adobe offer some of its latest tech for free. Photoshop can be very expensive. If you’re looking for other options, check out TechRadar’s list of the best Photoshop alternatives for 2023

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