You may have been using the popular calculator app PCalc for years, not realizing that there was a secret game hidden inside. Now, it's been separated as its own app, available to download for free from the App Store for iOS and macOS.

Called About by PCalc by developer James Thomson, you can manipulate the app's logo by flicking it around, changing the gravity, throwing bananas at it and even driving a car.

And if that's not enough, you can control all of this through a keyboard or gamepad… because why not?

Usually, 'About' screens in apps will show the team responsible for creating the app, with links to their social handles and even a tip jar to help reward them for their efforts. However, if you press a certain command in PCalc's about section, a fun hidden game pops up, and it's this game that has become a separate app.

Bananas, fire, gravity and cars

About by PCalc on macOS

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I've been a user of PCalc for years on iOS. It's an app that's tried to keep up with the new features that Apple brings out every year at WWDC, its developer conference.

Including customizable widgets in iOS 14 was particularly useful, and made the app a fair bit better than Apple's own calculator app. But it was PCalc's Easter egg that was the main reason why it stayed on my main home screen on my iPhone.

The About app doesn't have a purpose – I see it more like a fidget app. Something to play with as you're commuting on the subway or for when the Wi-Fi goes down.

But I've found my iPhone 13 Pro gets very hot if I use too much of the flame, light, and cereal effects, so be warned if you pass your device to kids who will most likely want to press every button repeatedly. However, using About on macOS with the M1 Pro chip in my MacBook Pro 14-inch (2021), I noticed there was barely any slowdown, and the fans still didn't turn on.

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Playing with my 8BitDo Pro 2 controller was also a surreal moment, where I could drive a car to a hidden castle on the macOS version.

Essentially, it's an app that makes no sense – its purpose is to be a fun distraction for whatever situation you may find yourself in. Some apps don't need a reason to stay on your home screen, they just need to be fun, and that's what this app has in droves.

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