Apple released iOS 15.3.1 – could we see the iOS 15.4 update arrive soon?

Earlier this month (February 10) Apple released iOS / iPadOS 15.3.1 for the iPhone and iPad, a small update that fixes three bugs, while also plugging a vulnerability that could have been exploited by hackers.

Between major iOS releases every year, we usually see tiny .1 updates that bring out a number of fixes to bugs that could render an app, or part of the operating system useless.

But Apple also likes to plug holes in vulnerabilities in the run-up to larger releases, or an upcoming event, which is why it seems as though iOS 15.4 can't be far away.

What bugs are fixed?

If you haven't updated to iOS 15.3.1 as yet, you can go to Settings > Software Update to check if it's available for your iPhone or iPad.

The small updates fixes the following:

  • Smoother scrolling of a PDF in Safari.
  • Fixes a WebKit bug that causes unauthorized code to run.
  • Fixes an issue that may cause some Braille displays to stop responding.

Apple has also posted a support page covering the vulnerability that was fixed in this update as well relating to Safari and its WebKit engine.

While iOS 15.4 is currently available as a public beta, where you can test the features that it brings, there's been no indication of when that would arrive.

That said, we're about to head into a season of Apple events, rumored to start with a March event that may see the announcement of a 5G iPhone SE, a new iPad Air, and more.

It's likely that we'll see iOS 15.4 release in March, but whether there will be an event remains to be seen.

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More features for editing PDF files finally arrive to Adobe Creative Cloud Express

In what is being boldly referred to as “the new way to PDF”, Adobe is treating users of Creative Cloud Express with new tools for working with the ubiquitous file type. When the cloud tool launched in December 2021, it included two 'quick actions' for creating and converting PDF files, but Adobe has announced three additional actions to help manage a PDF file.

One will allow you to edit the text within a PDF file, alongside the ability to resize and rotate images.

The remaining new actions will make it possible to easily combine multiple files into one document and also the ability to rearrange pages of an existing PDF file.

The ability to join several files into one is not only a great way to consolidate documents obtained from different sources, but also to ensure that different types of content are saved in a cross-platform, portable format.

While the page organization's quick action makes it possible to change the order in which pages appear in a document, it goes further than what you expect. The same quick actions also enable you to delete pages that are not needed and rotate any which are not correctly oriented. Adobe stresses that modifying PDFs in this way will not interfere with the formatting or design of the original files, so you can be sure that pages will look precisely as intended.

But wait, there's more

Creative Cloud Express PDF features

(Image credit: Adobe)

While both of these quick actions will be welcomed by Adobe Creative Cloud Express users, it is the third new addition that is likely to generate the most interest. The “Edit text & images” quick action does very much what you would expect from the name, making it possible to change and add text to existing PDFs.

It can also be used to rotate and resize images so there is no need to re-create pages from scratch if a minor tweak is needed.

Adobe states that the latest quick actions came as the result of listening to the feedback of creators. The company is keen to continue to give its users what they need and is looking for more suggestions via theĀ Creative Cloud Express UserVoice page.

Via Adobe Blog

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