Meta is cutting off support for the original Quest headset at the end of April

Support for the original Oculus Quest headset will soon end as Meta has sent out emails to developers informing them of the company’s future plans for the device. Forbes managed to get their hands on the details, and according to their report, the tech giant is going to be strict. They really do not want the headset to stick around.

Developers have until April 30 to roll out any “app updates for the Quest 1 to the Meta Quest store.” Past that date, nothing will be allowed to be released even if dev teams want to continue catering to users of the older model. Meta will outright block the patch. 

If an app is available on other Quest devices, the update can roll out to those headsets, but the Quest 1 support will be denied. New apps that come out after April 30 are not going to appear on the online store nor will owners even be allowed to buy them. They’ll be stuck in limbo.

The email continues by saying Meta will maintain the Quest 1 by releasing “critical bug fixes and security patches” until August of this year. Once the summer is over, the company will be wiping its hands clean, marking the official end of its first mainline headset. Users who want to continue on the platform will need to upgrade to either a Quest 2 or Quest 3


The depreciation of the Quest 1, as sudden as it may seem, has been a long time coming. Meta originally announced the end of the headset back in January 2023. Soon after, it began to periodically pull the plug on certain features. Upgrades eventually grinded to a halt, people lost the ability to create parties, and lost access to the social aspects of Horizon Home.

Meta is turning the Quest 1 into a plastic brick as it cuts off support without any wiggle room. However, it's possible that the headset could see new life among niche online communities or platforms like SideQuest. No one is stopping independent developers from sideloading apps. If you plan on joining these groups, keep in mind the software you download from unofficial spaces could come with malware. Meta isn’t going to come in and save you. You’re on your own.

Analysis: is the Quest 2 next?

Despite knowing all this would happen ahead of time, the Quest 1 cutoff is harsh to say the least especially when you compare it to gaming consoles. The headset didn’t even reach its fifth birthday before getting the ax. Consoles, on the other hand, often see many more years of support, sometimes a full decade’s worth. Seeing the shutdown makes us wonder what’s going to happen to the Quest 2.

The second-gen model was released about a year-and-a-half after the original headset. Although it brought many improvements at launch, the performance of the Quest 2 has been eclipsed by other headsets. It could potentially see a similar end, although we think it’s unlikely. The Quest 2 has proven itself to be much more popular than the original, so a sudden cutoff likely won’t happen any time soon. It should exist as the brand's mid-range option moving forward.

If you're affected by the shutoff and want a new device, check out TechRadar's list of the best VR headsets for 2024.

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How to watch Joe Wicks’ PE workout live on Monday 27 April

Welcome to another week of Joe Wicks' PE workouts – and whether you're a newbie or a seasoned Wicks fan, well done for showing up. Today's session is under 20 minutes away (starting at 9AM BST / 6PM AEST), so do refresh this article then as we'll have the video embedded below.

PE with Joe has been mixed up a little of late in terms of the exercises he shows you how to do, but there's always the same format: warming up, 20 minutes of working out, which usually is 10 exercises (with a 30 second rest after each), a two minute break, and a second set of 10, before a cool-down stretch.

You can re-watch the early sessions at the bottom of this article, as well as the more recent one – and don't forget to think of a costume each week for Fancy Dress Friday.

Even better news if you're doing this – every penny raised in advertising is going to the NHS, with nearly £100,000 raised overall. So it's not just you (and maybe your kids) that's getting a benefit from doing the workout – it's the heroes of the NHS too.

Remember to bookmark this page if you're a regular PE with Joe Wicks fan – we'll be embedding the live video every day. if you're new to it, well, just bookmark it anyway and commit to getting fit during isolation.

This article is about helping you watch along with the big workout, as well as some recommendations to help you exercise more easily. All you need to do is follow along with what's being instructed (as best you can) and keep going each day and the benefits will come. It's not just for kids – getting everyone active is the key here.

(If it feels like too much to start with, Joe has just created a beginners' workout  - you can check that over on his YouTube channel now).

We'd recommend doing the workout in front of a TV rather than an iPad or smartphone – and we've picked out the tech you'll need to do so. Most smart TVs can connect using the 'cast' icon, or you can get an additional unit for cheap.

And definitely get a fitness tracker to show yourself how much fitter you're getting (and you can get some brilliant cheap fitness trackers), smart scales to follow your fitness journey, and some smart other accessories like a yoga mat to make jumping around the living room that much simpler.

Alternatively, you can head to the BodyCoachTV YouTube channel and watch all the sessions for yourself, as well as finding easier sessions for those less mobile (or slightly harder workouts to get yourself really active if you're out-performing the current offerings).

If you're working out in front of the TV or huddled around a smartphone, here are our quick picks of what we recommend to enhance the experience:

If you just want to upgrade your current TV to let you see what's happening on a larger display than an iPad or phone, a Chromecast or Roku stick will simply plug into a space HDMI port on the rear of your TV and allow easy streaming:

And if you want to track your heart rate and effort over the course of the workout, or just want to extend your exercise, then check out these picks:

What time does Joe Wicks’ PE lesson start each day – and how can I watch the workout?

We're not long from today's session, but if you want a flavour of what's gone beforehand, here's last week's Fancy Dress Friday effort:

Rememberf you’re itching to get your slice of Wicks live each day, then you’ll need to have YouTube open and waiting at 9AM BST / 6PM AEST each day.

(If you're in other parts of the world and don't want to get up ridiculously early each day to watch live, we've got the recent uploads listed at the bottom of this article).

The sessions last for 30 mins, and include a warm up and cool down, and two repetitions of the circuits he walks (or sprints) you through. 

Pay special attention to the warm up and cool down routines – those will help to keep you feeling limber and less stiff in the next few days – Joe Wicks even has one of those to help out (as he's often too busy reading messages viewers have sent in):

How do I watch Joe Wicks’ PE sessions?

If you‘re interesting in getting involved with The Body Coach as it happens, and can cope with irrepressible enthusiasm as this hour, then you’ll need to have your YouTube portal open on your TV, tablet or smartphone at around 8:55AM BST.

Once ready, navigate to The Body Coach’s YouTube channel on your TV, phone or iPad (more on how to do that below).

You won't see him on camera straight away – but try to memorise all the items on his shelves as there's a daily spot the difference for the die-hard fans.

(If you want to watch it on catch up each day, at a time that suits you, then you can just follow the same instructions above, where the previous workouts will be posted to catch up on.)

How to watch Joe Wicks’ kids workout on a TV

The best way – if you’ve got the space – is to watch the workout in front of a TV. There are myriad ways to get YouTube on your tellybox, thus making it simpler to get active.

This is the ‘cast’ icon. Tapping it will show you other devices on your Wi-Fi network that you can stream to.

Using your smart TV

The easiest way is if you've got a smart TV into your life – and you might find that you're already connected. A simple way to find out is tapping the icon we've highlighted above and seeing if your TV or streaming device is listed. If it is, you're good to go.

If not, and your TV is connected to the internet, open up your smart hub and navigate to YouTube, where you can follow the searching instructions above to find The Body Coach TV, with a new video going live each day at 9AM GMT.

If you don't see it straight away, then it should appear just before 9AM – and Wicks gives you a few minutes to get ready too.

Using Google Chromecast

Alternatively you can use streaming sticks – one of the simplest is Google's Chromecast, which plugs into your HDMI socket and will stream content from your phone to the TV.

Fire up YouTube on your smartphone or tablet and look for the cast icon in one of the corners.

The Chromecast isn't too expensive either, and is a simple way to turn your TV smart – allowing you to stream a multitude of services (like Netflix and other streaming platforms) from your small phone screen to a larger display:

How to watch on a Roku stick:

More advanced than a Chromecast, the Roku stick turns your TV into a smart hub easily too. When plugged in, hit the 'source' button on your remote and navigate to the HDMI port where your Roku stick is located (or, with some modern TVs, just pressing the 'Home' button on the Roku remote will achieve the same thing).

From there, open the YouTube app and navigate to the Body Coach TV at 9AM GMT…  or fire it up on your smartphone or tablet and look for the 'cast' icon above, tap it and see if the Roku is listed (which it should be if all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network).

How to watch Joe Wicks’ PE workout on an iPad

You’ve got two options here: if you’ve already got the YouTube app downloaded onto your tablet, then just search for ‘The Body Coach’ and click the icon at the top of the screen for ‘Body Coach TV’.

From there you’ll see a list of all the videos, and at 9AM the new option should pop up – although you may need to refresh.

You can achieve the same thing if you don’t have the iPad app by heading to your Safari or Chrome browser and clicking the link to the The Body Coach’s YouTube channel – you can play the video directly from there, and hit the full-screen option in the bottom right-hand corner.

What HIIT timer does Joe Wicks use?

Joe Wicks uses the Seconds Timer app for his workouts – you can download it for iPhone / iPad or Android phones. 

There are lots of options for free use, but if you want to use it regularly and not get irritated by having to create workouts again and again (as well as supporting developers, a lovely thing to do whenever you're using an app a lot) you'll need to make an in-app purchase.

If you're serious about making the most out of your workouts – whether that's HIIT, Tabata or just standard running – it's definitely worth a look.

How did Joe Wicks break his arm?

For those wondering why Joe Wicks' PE workouts feature a man that can't do all of his exercises because of the cast on his wrist, it's because he fell off his bike before embarking on a pledge to become the nation's PE teacher – you can see all about it over on his Instagram Stories.

How to catch up on Joe Wicks' other PE workouts

If you missed anything, or want to browse previous workouts, they're all available on his YouTube channel (do subscribe if you're going to be a regular, as he has loads of top workouts there too) or you can start at the beginning right here:

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