A new Meta Quest VR headset could launch in early 2025 with LG OLED displays

  • Meta Quest Pro 2 rumored for 2025 release
  • LG expected to make OLED displays for it
  • OLED could provide visual boost next Quest Pros need

The Apple Vision Pro might be the talk of the town in the high-end VR space right now, but not only will it have to contend with rivals like the Samsung XR headset that are expected to launch later this year, new reports claim the Meta Quest Pro 2 will launch in early 2025 to compete with it too.

The original Meta Quest Pro was something of a disappointment. At the time it seemed like a decent option for people looking for a high-end standalone VR headset – especially compared to rivals like the HTC Vive XR Elite. But since the launch of the Meta Quest 3 and Vision Pro – the former of which is not only cheaper but actually has some better specs in the mixed-reality department – it’s fallen by the wayside.

Meta is clearly hoping to make its next Quest Pro device a standout VR gadget. A Korea Economic Daily report (translated from Korean) cites unnamed industry sources who said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is set to meet with the CEO of LG Electronics to discuss a partnership for its next Pro devices.

LG OLED coming to Quest?

It’s been rumored for some time that LG is looking to make an XR device of some kind – either its own or one in partnership with another brand like the collaborative Google and Samsung XR headset – and back in February 2023 we first heard whispers Meta wanted LG to create OLED displays for its headsets

While we hope these high-end screens will make their way to the more budget-friendly Quest line it’s more reasonable to assume that a pricier Quest Pro line would be upgraded to LG OLEDs first. 

A woman sat in front of an LG C3 OLED TV in a blue living room

LG makes fantastic OLED TVs like the LG C3 (Image credit: LG)

Yes, we know the original Oculus Quest got there first, but since then Meta has relied on LCD panels with better brightness and resolution because the original OLED Quest couldn’t benefit from this display tech’s full advantages. The pixels took too long to turn on and off so you could never experience true blacks, despite the ability to achieve true blacks being the main reason to use an OLED.

LG’s next-gen panels hopefully should be able to offer top-of-the-line visuals – one of the four things we want to see from the Meta Quest Pro 2 – but we’ll have to wait and see.

Thankfully, the recent Korea Economic Daily report said we might not be waiting too long. The Meta Quest Pro 2 is apparently being prepared for an early 2025 launch, and while this is a slight departure from Meta’s usual October release strategy it makes some sense. 

However, as with all rumors, we must remember to take these reports with a pinch of salt. Until Meta or LG make an official announcement there's no guarantee they’re working together on the next Quest Pro or any kind of headset – nor a guarantee of when it’ll launch and what specs it might have.

As soon as we do hear anything more concrete, or we spy any interesting leaks and rumors, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

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Did we just catch our first glimpse of Windows 12? If so, we won’t get the new OS until 2025

We might have just caught our first glimpse of Windows 12, although we can’t be sure about that – but what we do know is that Microsoft is making a big change with test builds of Windows.

XenoPanther on X (formerly Twitter) noticed that the internal Canary versions of Windows 11 – those in the earliest testing channel, in other words – were just forked with a new build 27547 coming into play.

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The most recent Canary channel build is version 26040 as you may be aware if you follow these preview releases (which comes with a new Voice Clarity feature to improve video chats).

So, now we have builds in the 26XXX range and also the 27XXX range, prompting the obvious question: Is the latter Windows 12 in its first test phase? Let’s discuss that in more depth next.

Analysis: I’m giving her all she’s got, Captain!

As Zac Bowden, the well-known Microsoft leaker (of Windows Central fame) points out, the likelihood here is that the next release of Windows is the 26XXX branch, which is currently rumored (by Bowden) to be Windows 11 24H2 coming later this year.

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That means the 27XXX preview versions could be the next incarnation of Windows after that, the one arriving in 2025 (and these builds probably won’t go into testing with Windows Insiders for some time yet). Hence the (tentative) conclusion that this might be Windows 12, or an all-new Windows, whatever it may be called.

(Although we should further note that technically, Windows 11 24H2 will be all-new. Not the front-end mind, but the underlying foundations – it will be built on a new platform known as Germanium, which will offer considerable performance and security benefits deep under the hood).

At any rate, this pretty much underlines the idea that Windows 12 (or next-gen Windows, whatever the final name) is not coming this year, and will probably arrive next year. After all, Windows 10 gets ditched in 2025, so it makes some sense that a new OS comes in as one shuffles out the exit door (in October 2025 to be precise).

As we’ve discussed before, one of the dangers of bringing in Windows 12 this year is that the move would fragment the desktop user base into three camps, which is clumsy and a headache for organizing updates. So that scenario is neatly avoided if Windows 12 doesn’t turn up until 2025.

As a side note, Microsoft has codenames for its OS development semesters, and the next one should have been arsenic – but due to it being perceived as “scary and violent” Bowden tells us, the software giant has avoided it, and is instead using the codename Dilithium. Which is pretty cool for Star Trek fans (maybe Duranium will be next in line when another unsuitable real-world element pops up).

Via Neowin, Deskmodder

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LG plans to launch an Apple Vision Pro rival in 2025

LG has announced that it’s bringing its OLED TV expertise to the XR (extended reality) space, and plans to launch some kind of device next year.

The report comes via South Korean news outlet The Guru (translated to English) in which LG Electronics CEO Cho Joo-wan told a reporter at CES 2024 that “[LG] will launch an XR device as early as next year.”

Not much else is known about the device; however, there were rumors late last year (via ET News, also translated from Korean) that LG was working on a VR headset, which would be powered by the then-unannounced Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 from Qualcomm. The same rumor correctly predicted that the Samsung XR/VR headset would use this new chipset, so while we should still take this latest leak with a pinch of salt there appears to be a decent chance that it's accurate.

If the LG headset does indeed boast a Snapdragon XR2+ Gen then we should expect it to be a high-end XR headset that’ll rival the likes of the soon-to-release Apple Vision Pro. This would also mean the headset is likely to be pricey – we'd expect somewhere in the region of $ 2,000 / £2,000 / AU$ 3,000.

An Apple Store staff member shows a customer how to use a Vision Pro headset.

The Apple Vision Pro might soon get another rival (Image credit: Apple)

As noted by an Upload VR report on the LG XR device announcement, the Korean language doesn’t always differentiate between singular and plural. As such, it’s possible that LG wants to release more than one XR device in 2025 – and if that’s the case we’d expect to see a high-end Apple Vision Pro rival, and a more affordable option that competes with the Meta Quest 3 or the recently announced Xreal Air 2 Ultra

Is LG working alone? 

Alongside Qualcomm, LG might be working with another XR veteran to bring its headset to life – Meta, though reports suggest it would be LG helping Meta not the other way around.

In February 2023 we reported that Meta was looking to partner with LG to create OLED displays for its XR headsets – most likely the Meta Quest Pro 2, but possibly the Meta Quest 4 as well.

If a Quest Pro 2 is on the way we’ve hypothesized that 2025 is most likely the earliest we’d see one; Meta likes to tease new XR hardware a year in advance, and typically makes announcements at its Meta Connect event that happens in September / October, so we’d likely get a 2024 teaser and a 2025 release.

This schedule fits with LG’s plan to launch a device next year, suggesting that the next Meta headset and the LG headset are one and the same.

The Meta Quest Pro and its controllers on a grey cushion

The Meta Quest Pro is good, but not all that popular (Image credit: Future)

That said, there’s a chance that LG is working on an XR project without Meta.

A few months after the February leak, in July 2023, there were reports that Meta had cancelled the Quest Pro 2. Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth took to Instagram Stories to deny the rumor, though his argument was based on a technicality – saying a canceled prototype isn’t the Quest Pro 2 until Meta names it the Quest Pro 2.

This confusing explanation leaves the door open to the Quest Pro 2 being delayed – likely due to the original’s seemingly very lackluster sales (we estimate the Quest Pro is around 86 times less popular than the Quest 2 using Steam Hardware Survey data), and the arrival of the Vision Pro. 

If LG is sitting on an excellent OLED display design – while Meta is back at the drawing board stage – why wouldn’t the South Korean display company leverage this screen, and its home entertainment expertise, to create a killer headset of its own?

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