If you're a budding streamer, this Black Friday deal is worth keeping an eye on. You can now get a Blue Yeti microphone and Logitech C922 HD webcam in the same bundle for $ 129.99, which is $ 100 off the listed price at Best Buy. While we were expecting to see significant savings on both of these products during Black Friday, this deal combines them for a great price. 

The C922 Pro records HD video at 1080p in 30fps, or 720p at 60fps, which will be enough for the vast majority of you at home. If you're ever in the mood to record a podcast, too, the Blue Yeti offers everything you'll need to capture high-quality audio. Hey, maybe now is the time to start a YouTube channel about that classic TV show that only you like?

This deal is tagged with the 'Black Friday price now' label on Best Buy. Check out the rest of our picks for the top Best Buy Black Friday deals we've found so far. If you want a quick price comparison on the C922 by itself, even if you're outside the US, check out the below chart:

Meanwhile, find the best prices on the Blue Yeti below too, no matter where you're reading this:

If that isn't exactly what you want, it's likely we'll see steep savings on both products individually in the coming days, so stay tuned. 

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