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Complex work flow? Using multiple software packages to accomplish one goal? Need a specialized piece of software developed for your company? Shapiro Consultants is consistently able to deliver full custom software for their clients. In house programmers, graphic designers and project managers ensure your project is delivered on time, on spec and most of all within budget.

Past projects have included:

  • Remote Station Manager


Remote Station Manager or RSM for short, enables anyone to easily deploy and manage any number of remote ‘screens.’ RSM replaces legacy advertising equipment and the need to hassle with USB drives. RSM has also been utilized as a tool to create smart digital pictures frames – imagine a home where you can control all the pictures being displayed from your desk? RSM makes it possible! There is NO additional hardware required, just RSM & a PC!

Client Issue: Building home and wanted something modern but with a classic touch. We took the classic picture frame and brought it into the 21st century. The issue with picture frames? Changing the photos, children grow up, needs change, and seasons change. Shapiro Consultants designed two part software that allowed the home owner to control their entire home’s picture frames from their laptop.For more information visit

  • Safety Redirector


A browser extension designed for both Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox. Safety Redirector is designed to protect users from known malware websites and typos. Safety Redirector is loaded with definitions of known malware websites and typos, if a user types in one of these URL’s the software automatically redirects them to the proper website. It is centrally managed from a single server so all installed extensions are updated from a dashboard the administrator controls.

Our Role: Shapiro Consultants oversaw the design and development of the software. In addition the backend, database design and website is currently hosted with us.

  • MediCam


Client Issue: A doctor needed an application to replace his dated video printer. Original manufacture wanted $3000  to replace the printer, not being cost effective he sought a better solution.
Our Role: Shapiro Consultants designed MediCam. The software is compatible with any input source (Direct Show), and allows for the quick intake of photo graphs due to the integration of a foot pedal. The doctor can easily take multiple photos in a row using only the foot pedal. Customizable hot keys, custom actions, and built-in patient management, the doctor could not have been happier!

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